Chiefs Wide Receiver Trolls Browns Ahead of Playoff Matchup

Getty Images Sammy Watkins of the Kansas City Chiefs.

It appears Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins did not learn anything from JuJu Smith-Schuster when it comes to talking smack about the Cleveland Browns before a playoff matchup.

Watkins initially weighed in on the Browns thumping of the Steelers in the Wild Card matchup on Sunday.

“This is a video game [what the hell] is going on this is weird I’m speechless pretty sure the whole world is shocked [because] I never seen anything like this in my life. Not in the NFL.”

In the comments, a fan wrote that it looks like the Chiefs will have some competition next week, to which Watkins responded: “I wouldn’t go that far lol!”

Watkins has a right to be confident. The Chiefs are the top seed in the AFC and the defending Super Bowl champions. Kansas City is an early double-digit favorite for the matchup with the Browns. The Chiefs are the strongest contender left for the Super Bowl, coming in at +200 to win it all. Meanwhile, the Browns are +2,500 to his the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the highest odds of the remaining teams by far.

Watkins has missed some time this season but turned in 37 catches for 421 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

JuJu Smith-Schuster Felt Wrath of Browns After Loss

Smith-Schuster felt the wrath of the Browns after his statement shading the Browns prior to their matchup.

“I think they’re still the same Browns teams I play every year,” Smith-Schuster told reporters. “I think they’re nameless gray faces. They have a couple good players on their team, but at the end of the day, I don’t know. The Browns is the Browns.”

The statement became some classic bulletin board material for the Browns, who danced to Smith-Schuster’s favorite song “Corvette Corvette” in the locker room after the win and used “Browns is the Browns” as a rallying cry.

Browns defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson had some especially harsh shade for Smith-Schuster after the game.

“Juju, I don’t even roll like this, but you gotta hold this one fam #stayhumble,” Richarson wrote after a series of posts.

Browns Respect Chiefs, Head Coach Andy Reid

The Browns will have some reinforcements this week, including head coach Kevin Stefanski, who tested positive last week for COVID-19. Stefanski said he expects to rejoin the team later this week and is looking forward to facing off with the Chiefs, specifically head coach Andy Reid, who he watched growing up in Philadelphia as an Eagles fan.

“Coach is as good as they get. Obviously, myself growing up as an Eagles fan, I was able to cheer for a bunch of his teams. He does an outstanding job with his team, and in particular the offense, he is a great technician in what he has his team do,” Stefanski told reporters on Monday. I have always respected how much they have evolved over the years and the different things that they do which are so different than what they were doing 20 years ago in Philadelphia. I just think so highly of him as a coach.

“You combine good players with good coaches and you get a team like that so we understand that we have our work cut out for us this week.”

That being said, the Browns don’t mind playing the underdog role once again.

“We have been the underdogs since the beginning of the season. Nobody thought that we would have a winning record. Nobody thought that we were going to get to the playoffs. Nobody thought that we were going to do anything in the playoffs,” defensive end Myles Garrett said. “We just have to keep on proving people wrong. That is what it is all about. Don’t hold yourself to other people’s standards. We know what we are trying to live up to, and we are going to keep on getting after it until we can.”

The game also marks the return of running back Kareem Hunt to Kansas City. In his first two seasons with the Chiefs, Hunt racked up 2,151 rushing yards and 833 receiving yards. He made the Pro Bowl in 2017 as the league’s leading rusher and was on pace for another strong season before being let go by Kansas City following a video being released of him apparently striking a woman was made public.

In an Instagram Live video after the win against the Steelers, Hunt told the camera, “Next week personal.” He didn’t elaborate in a press conference later on.

“I don’t say too much about that,” Hunt asked if he has something to prove against the Chiefs. “I am just going to let my game do the talking.”

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