Briannon Lepman Cooks, Brandin Cooks Wife: 5 Fast Facts

Brandin Cooks

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Brandin Cooks is married to Briannon Lepman Cooks, an Oregon State University graduate and blogger. The Dallas Cowboys star and his wife tied the knot in Portland on July 7, 2018, after getting engaged the year prior at a romantic proposal in Hawaii. The couple are parents to two children, a son named Maverick Archer Cooks and another boy named Dash 7 Cooks.

Here’s what you need to know about Briannon Lepman Cooks, Brandin Cooks’ wife:

1. Briannon Lepman Cooks Attended Oregon State University & Worked in Fitness

Lepman Cooks attended Oregon State University from 2011 to 2015, her LinkedIn shows, and she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and exercise science. Her profile adds that she was a member of Alpha Gamma Delta and was also a cheerleader.

Her love of fitness, which saw her coach gymnastics for three years in her hometown of Albany, Oregon, continued after college when she began working for Snap Fitness as a personal trainer and fitness director, her LinkedIn profile shows. Afterward, she worked as a personal training director at LA Fitness and then CycleBar.

“I am motivated, task-oriented, and efficient,” she described herself on the platform. “My knowledge and background in customer service, fitness sales, exercise science, clerical expertise, personal training experience and bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science makes me an excellent candidate for employment at various organizations.” In 2017, she launched her blog, A Briutiful Life.

2. Briannon Lepman Cooks Is a Blogger Who Has Posted About Health, Fitness & Lifestyle on Her Personal Blog A Briutiful Life

Lepman Cooks is a blogger who has shared many posts on her blog A Briutiful Life since launching it several years ago. Her blog, which focuses a lot on her photography, includes sections on Lifestyle, such as Style and Travel, and Health, including Food and Fitness.

“I created A Briutiful Life to give readers a glimpse at life through my camera lens,” Lepman Cooks wrote in her blog’s About Me section. “I am a follower of Christ, a wife, friend , sister , daughter , aunt , and mother to three amazing dogs! My intentions are to share with viewers how I navigate my day to day life. I hope to create a platform to share my life with you on a detailed level.”

In her blog, Lepman Cooks opened up about being vegan and shared several recipes for vegan meals.

She also revealed that she’d taken up boxing as a way to relieve stress during the football season. “With this Sundays football game ( AFC Championships) getting closer, and the stress of playoffs getting more and more intense,” she wrote, “I have taken up boxing as part of my workout, its an excellent way to relieve stress and its been toning up muscles I didn’t know I needed to tone.”

3. Briannon Lepman Cooks & Brandin Cooks Met in College, Got Engaged in 2017 in Hawaii & Tied the Knot at Their Home in 2018

Lepman and Cooks met when they were both attending Oregon State University, where he played on the school’s football team and his future wife was a cheerleader, according to Inside Weddings.  The couple continued dating after college and got engaged after a romantic proposal on a vacation in Maui, Hawaii. The engagement photographer described the engagement, sharing that it began with a helicopter tour in Maui.

She said the entire thing was a surprise for Lepman Cooks, who thought the photographer in the helicopter with them was just another person who was on the tour. “Our destination for this proposal was Kaupo where there are lots of wide open spaces and great views of Haleakala,” she wrote on Engaged On Maui. “After hopping off the helicopter, the happy couple walked around Kaupo a bit and took some selfies.”

She wrote that she was photographing them the whole while discretely until Cooks eventually got down on one knee and popped the question, at which point they did an engagement photoshoot. “Haleakala was so clear that day, and we got a lot of gorgeous sweetheart shots of the two of them basking in their just-engaged glow,” she concluded.

The couple decided to get married at their home, and Lepman Cooks told Inside Weddings, “[We loved] having all of our family and friends in one place to have dinner and celebrate together. And our dog jumped in the pool!” The publication shared that the couple married in front of 100 guests outdoors.

“The bride and groom tied the knot in front of a wooden structure of a cross adorned with greenery as well as white and lavender blooms,” the publication described. Their dogs were also at the ceremony.

4. Briannon Lepman Cooks & Brandin Cooks Are Very Active People & the NFL Star Has Shared Photos of Their Hikes

The Cookses are incredibly adventurous and love to spend time in the outdoors. Cooks spends his free time hiking with his wife and playing with their dogs, Bleacher Report shared. They have three dogs, Scout, Archer and Arrow.

Many of Cooks’ photos on Instagram of his free time show him traveling and hiking with Lepman Cooks. In fact, she wrote in her blog post about their engagement trip to Hawaii that it was filled with activities. “We did everything under the Hawaiian sun, zip lined through cattle country, parasailed above the Lahaina shores, scuba dived off the beach of Wailea, ATV’d the mountain side, struggled through a paddle board yoga class (wasn’t pretty), and ate the most delicious food ever!” she recapped.

She shared that it was during that trip that she decided to launch her blog, writing, “My fiancé and I are so blessed, and live a lifestyle I could have only dreamed of, and it wasn’t until I met a women in the pool at our hotel that I really realized that I could share my life with the world.” She said that she felt that blogging and social media, in general, showed a “false sense of reality” but that meeting another blogger “genuinely inspired me to share my life experiences with people.”

5. Briannon Lepman Cooks & Brandin Cooks Welcomed Their Son in 2020 & Had a Second Son in 2023

In addition to being husband and wife, the Cookses became parents on September 28, 2020, when Lepman Cooks gave birth to Maverik Archer Cooks. Cooks posted a tribute to his wife on Instagram on May 10, 2020, writing that his wife had gone through in vitro fertilization treatments.

“To my amazing wife, Here’s a little project I’ve been working on I hope you like it,” he captioned the video on Instagram, which showed all of the IVF shots his wife took.

“I watched you take 200+ shots over a 5 month span!” he wrote. “You are warrior in so many ways. I cannot thank you enough for what you did to get us to this point as a family!While it may not be the way we envisioned conceiving you always kept a positive attitude about it and I thank you for that. God helped us find a way when there seemed to be no way. Your testimony is powerful and will inspire others. Since you didn’t trust me to administer the shots I figured I would save them all to show you my appreciation.”

He told his wife, “You carry this family in ways you will never understand. We are beyond blessed and fortunate to have the means to use some of the best doctors in the country for our IVF process.EVERY [shot] WAS WORTH IT.”

On September 28, 2022, Cooks announced that his wife was pregnant with another child and said, “Let’s see how this goes with Mav being a big brother.” He shared a photo of the family of four on February 14, 2023, writing, “Welcome Ser Dash 7 Cooks.”

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