Dak Prescott Sends Strong Message to Cowboys With NSFW Rant

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott with owner Jerry Jones

Getty Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones remains confident in Dak Prescott.

Dallas Cowboys fans received an inside look at Dak Prescott thanks to HBO’s Hard Knocks and saw a side of the star quarterback that the public rarely gets to see. Viewers witnessed an increasingly frustrated Prescott as the Cowboys attempted to limit his reps prior to his most recent shoulder injury.

During a Cowboys coaches meeting, Mike McCarthy asked for Prescott’s GPS data after the team’s initial practice and remarked that the figure was, “way too high.” The episode cut to an unhappy Prescott standing on the sideline as Garrett Gilbert took reps at quarterback.

“Are you kidding?” Prescott remarked moments before placing himself in the huddle. “…I want ’em all [reps]. I got you GG [Garrett Gilbert]. Here we go. Let’s go, keep it up, keep it up. I’m not coming out of this b****. I sat last year enough.”

The cameras later cut to Prescott complaining to teammates on the sideline. Prescott had a few choice words directed at the staff letting them know he would give the team a heads up if he felt soreness.

“I don’t know what the f*** they took me off of them reps for,” Prescott noted. “I sat out enough. I’ll let y’all know if I’m f****** sore or something’s bothering me.”

Prescott to Gilbert: ‘I Ain’t Never Ask You to Get in’

One of the funniest moments from the first episode was an exchange between Gilbert and Prescott. Gilbert was clearly doing what the coaching staff asked by taking reps at quarterback to ease Prescott back into action. The backup quarterback received the brunt of Prescott’s frustration after the Cowboys QB1 let him know he was now pleased with missing out on practice reps.

“They’re saying to me, ‘Take the passes,'” Gilbert told Prescott. “You better take the one where you gotta block Vinny.”

Prescott offered a classic response admitting it was not him who asked for a breather.

“I will [take the reps],” Prescott responded. “I’ll f****** take them all. I ain’t never ask you to get in.”

Finally, Prescott complained to another teammate that he missed out on some of the practice reps.

“Took me out for four f****** plays,” Prescott remarked. “F***, I’ve been out long enough.”

Prescott Has Been Cleared for ‘Light Throwing’

All this took place prior to Prescott sustaining the shoulder injury. The good news is both Prescott and Amari Cooper are back on the practice field. Prescott has now been cleared to do “light throwing” after being held out of the week leading up to the Cowboys’ preseason opener against the Steelers.

“We’ll see how his progression goes,” McCarthy explained, per ESPN’s Todd Archer. “He’s doing some things as far as throwing and everything is on a rep count, so …Definitely him staying back, he was able to get some extra treatment, do some extra things. Once again, this is more us than him. This is us being cautious, so I feel really good about where he is.”

The Cowboys have not revealed a specific timeline for Prescott to play in the preseason. Archer noted that Prescott’s return date will most likely be the team’s third preseason game against the Texans on August 21.