Former $242 Million Star QB Floated as Cowboys’ Potential Dak Replacement

Dak Prescott

Getty The Dallas Cowboys face a decision on Dak Prescott's future.

Things are getting a bit spicy with the Dallas Cowboys as the team appears to be headed for another contract standoff with Dak Prescott. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that a new contract extension is not close which “appears to [clear] the path for Dak Prescott to test free agency in 2025.”

As a reminder, Prescott has no-franchise tag and no-trade clauses in his current deal which would allow him to be a free agent in 2025. Prior to this most recent news, USA Today’s K.D. Drummond pondered the Cowboys’ limited quarterback options if the team is unable to re-sign Prescott.

We recently discussed Kyler Murray as a potential trade candidate. The quarterback has limited appeal thanks to his contract while also not representing a clear upgrade from Prescott. One cheaper option for the Cowboys to consider in 2025 is new Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Russell Wilson.

“Trey Lance, already in Dallas, is in a group of haven’t-yet-established guys along with Justin Fields who is now in Pittsburgh,” Drummond wrote in a March 19, 2024 story titled, “It may be time for Cowboys to focus on 2025, so here’s the plan.” “What if Russell Wilson bounces back with the Steelers? He’s a free agent after next year as well.

“Arizona’s Kyler Murray becomes tradeable in 2025 with a dead cap hit to the Cardinals of $33 million and $12 million of savings if traded, and he has no guarantee money remaining after that season for the acquiring club.”

Cowboys Rumors: Dallas Would Have a $45 Million Dead Cap Hit in 2025 If Dak Prescott Leaves

Part of the reason the Cowboys would have few alternative options is not only the limited availability of signal-callers, but the dead money the team would be eating if Prescott walks. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Cowboys would have a total dead cap hit of $95 million for Prescott as a result of void years. According to’s Joseph Hoyt, the Cowboys would be on the hook for a $45 million dead cap hit in 2025.

“Prescott, Cooper Rush and Trey Lance are all set to be free agents after this coming season,” Hoyt detailed in a March 26 message on X. “And because of the voidable years on Prescott’s contract, the Cowboys are already looking at a $40 million cap hit for him next year if he leaves. Would be an expensive/empty QB room.”

Cowboys Rumors: Russell Wilson Could Be an Affordable Alternative QB Option

The problem with Wilson was more related to the five-year, $242 million contract the former Pro Bowler was on with the Denver Broncos, rather than simply his play on the field. Wilson signed a one-year, $1.2 million deal with the Steelers and will once again be a free agent next offseason.

The quarterback’s play did not match this massive price tag, but Wilson showed an improvement from his first year in Denver. Pro Football Focus awarded Wilson with a respectable 77.5 grade for 2023.

Heading into 2025, the question surrounding Wilson is what version of the star a team will be getting. Aside from his price, the one advantage Wilson has on Prescott is playoff success. Wilson has won a championship, played in two Super Bowls and has a 9-7 playoff record.

Time will tell if Wilson can recapture any of this postseason magic at 35 years old. While with the Seattle Seahawks, Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers floated the Cowboys as one of four teams the quarterback would sign off on as a trade destination in 2021. Wilson has a chance to re-establish himself as an NFL starter in Pittsburgh which could capture the attention of Dallas.