Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Sends Strong Message on Offseason Moves

Dak Prescott

Getty Images Quarterback Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys have had an underwhelming offseason so far but quarterback Dak Prescott isn’t worried.

Prescott spoke to reporters at a local event for his Faith Fight Finish Foundation, sharing his take on the offseason so far.

“Things are not done, free agency isn’t done,” Prescott told reporters. “The draft is not done a lot of the roster is to come. I handle the things that I can control.”

The Cowboys have seen some key pieces move this offseason. Randy Gregory, Cedrick Wilson landed with new teams in free agency and Amari Cooper was traded to the Browns for a fifth-round pick. The team also moved on from offensive tackle La’el Collins, who Prescott was particularly close with.

“This is the hardest part of the league,” Prescott said when asked about Cooper and Collins. “To me, just watching teammates and watching friends, men who you have grown up with the past few years on the field and off the field leave, depart and just understand that’s the business of this game. Sharing words with both of those guys and how much they’ve impacted my career, how much they mean to me as people as players and I’m excited for them.”

Prescott also shared that he’s good to go following offseason surgery on his non-throwing shoulder.

“It’s great, I can do everything with it,” Prescott said. “I’m fine.”

Mike McCarthy Understands Frustration With Offseason

Prescott’s echoed the sentiment of his head coach Mike McCarthy, who had a similar take on what the Cowboys have done so far in free agency.

“We’re still in the first 15 (minutes of the offseason),” McCarthy said told the Dallas Morning News in an exclusive interview. “The first quarter is not even completed yet. If people are frustrated, well, sometimes games are a little frustrating. We’ve definitely come out with a run the football and take care of your own mindset. Outside of our own roster, we have a mindset where we’re not going to throw the ball deep with every snap.”

The Cowboys did add a few new pieces in wide receiver James Washington and edge rusher Dante Fowler. However, McCarthy did admit that moving on from Cooper and Collins were not easy “business” decisions to make.

“I mean, Amari Cooper is a fantastic football player,” McCarthy said. “He does some things clearly that put him with the best, particularly his quickness at the lateral release is about as good as I’ve ever worked with. That was a difficult, difficult decision.

“Same with La’el. You don’t want to lose those sort of players. But when you talk about competition, there is also competition and a challenge in the financial arena. You have to make business decisions that are in line with the dynamics of your cap.”

Prescott Thinks CeeDee Lamb Ready for Extra Work

With Cooper gone and a newly-extended Michael Gallup still on the mend, more work will fall on CeeDee Lamb. Prescott is ready to see Lamb thrive as the No. 1 option in the passing game.

“Yeah, there is no doubt he is,” Prescott said. “You look at a guy like CeeDee and what he’s done in his first two years and it’s exciting just to know it’s only the beginning and he hasn’t even scratched the surface. For him to be the one, to be the main guy I know he’s going to be ready for it.”

Lamb has notched 2,037 yards and 11 touchdowns through his first two seasons.

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