Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Announces New Update to Dak Prescott Plan

Jerry Jones

Getty Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks to the media.

The Dallas Cowboys have found their winning ways with backup quarterback Cooper Rush, and that’s created a “controversy” at the position.

Dallas is 2-1, with Rush helping the Cowboys to back-to-back victories as a starter after QB Dak Prescott suffered a fractured thumb in Week 1. During that time, a buzz has circulated around the team over the idea that there is a legitimate battle for the starting job.

Some of that has been due to owner Jerry Jones’ words, and some of it has been created by the fanbase’s opinions. However, Jones is now setting the record straight with his latest appearance on 105.3 The Fan.

On September 30, the Cowboys owner was asked if continued success with Rush could lead to the backup QB keeping the job once Prescott is recovered. The answer was fairly clear.

“No,” Jones said. “All it does is tell me that we’re in great shape at the QB position.”

It has always seemed like the plan was to stick with Prescott, but Jones recently stoked the fire by “encouraging” a QB controversy.

Jones’ Recent Comments

The NFL world set alight when Jones recently expressed that he would welcome a “controversy” in Dallas at the quarterback position.

Ahead of the Week 3 clash against the New York Giants, Jones was asked about how he would respond to Rush winning in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

“Of course I would welcome it. Of course. That means we’d have won,” Jones said according to DMS reporter Michael Gehlken. “If he comes in there and plays as well as Prescott played, Rush? Played that well over these next games ahead? I’d walk to New York to get that… Wouldn’t it be something if you had a dilemma as to which way to go. You’d want that controversy? Of course I would.”

Basically, Jones was just saying that he wants Rush to play well and win games. However, the nature of the Cowboys and Jones is to attract eyeballs, and that comment certainly did that.

Rush did go on to win, but Jones’ new comments all but solidify the plan: Prescott will start once he’s healthy and ready to go.

Cowboys Credit Rush After Victory

When a team’s starting quarterback is severely injuryed in a season-opening loss, optimism can be hard to find. But Rush has regenerated good feelings in Dallas with back-to-back good performances and wins.

Jones said as much after the victory over the Giants, crediting Rush with the ideal backup QB performance.

“There’s no question he understands this offense, he has got the makeup for a top quarterback — and I underline the word ‘makeup’ for a top quarterback — and we’re very fortunate,” Jones said to 105.3 The Fan. “The purpose of the backup quarterback in the NFL is to be able to step in and have your team function on all the cylinders without having to give up some of your offense that your starter usually takes with him when he leaves.”

Rush’s volume numbers haven’t been other-worldly with 514 passing yards and two touchdowns in 2.5 games, but he has not turned the ball over and been a consistent presence in the pocket this season.

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