NFL Insider Drops Discouraging Update on Cowboys’ Trade Deadline Plans

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Getty Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

The Dallas Cowboys are nowhere close to panic mode, but the clock is ticking on Dallas making a key move at the trade deadline. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been active at the deadline before, but a recent update doesn’t signal another big move this season.

FOX’s NFL insider Jay Glazer sat down with David Helman to answer questions from NFL fans, including one about the Cowboys’ plans for the trade deadline. For those hoping for reinforcements, Glazer’s latest info will be discouraging.

“They did in the past with Amari Cooper a few years ago, right,” Glazer began. “Dallas is always pretty aggressive, especially if they think, ‘We’re on the cusp here, we need something else.’ But just in my conversations this week, when I was asking around, ‘Hey, who are the some of the names we might see?’ There really wasn’t a lot. In the past, you knew, okay, these players whose contracts are in the last year of their deal, these guys might be valuable. We just didn’t see a lot of marquee names.”

It’s not ruling out any move for Dallas, but it also deflates any buzz about a major addition. Never say never with Jerry Jones at the helm, but Glazer is one of the most plugged-in NFL reporters.

Cowboys, QB Dak Prescott Stagnating on Offense

After dominant wins over the New York Giants and New York Jets, Dallas looked to have no issues on offense. Sure, the defense had supplemented those performances but the offense had still scored five touchdowns over those first two games.

But after a 1-2 stretch and just four offensive touchdowns over the past three games, the perception has changed drastically. While the San Francisco 49ers were able to easily move the ball on a stout Cowboys defense in Week 5, the Cowboys could not do the same.

Dallas QB Dak Prescott throwing three interceptions doesn’t help either. But Dallas isn’t pulling the plug on their veteran QB midway through the season, but they could still look to add new weapons for the offense.

Dallas Linked to Cardinals TE Trade

While Glazer is downplaying the chances of a move, other analysts are throwing out potential pickups for Dallas including Arizona Cardinals tight end Zach Ertz. Ertz is a three-time Pro Bowler and a former Super Bowl champion with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine suggested the move, stating that Ertz could be the answer for Dallas in terms of “finding a veteran who can pair with Ferguson” and “pays big dividends.” Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Ballentine’s idea is the point about “12” personnel (one RB, two TEs,) which the Cowboys excel in but are 22nd in the NFL in terms of frequency.

Heavy’s Jonathan Adams thinks that Ertz’s pay and production this year makes him a bad fit for Dallas. Ertz has 22 receptions for 146 receiving yards and a touchdown on the season.