Cowboys Star Apologizes for Controversial Response to Brittney Griner’s Release

Micah Parsons

Getty Dallas Cowboys defensive end Micah Parsons walks off the field after an NFL game.

One Dallas Cowboys star turned ahead on Thursday as he expressed his opinions on the U.S. getting WNBA star Brittney Griner released from Russian prison.

Griner’s imprisonment in Russia has been a major talking point in both the worlds of sport and international diplomacy. The Phoenix Mecury forward has been imprisoned in Russia since February, but The New York Times reports that the U.S. has executed a prisoner swap to bring Griner home.

Cowboys star Micah Parsons responded to the news on Twitter, initially expressing his displeasure by saying “Wait nah!! We left a marine?!! Hell nah.” Parsons is referencing Paul Whelan, a former Marine who has been imprisoned since 2018 after being suspected of participating in a U.S. intelligence operation.

Parsons then backtracked his comments on Griner, while also expressing his stance on President Joe Biden.

“My last tweet was no shot at Brittney Griner,” Parsons wrote on December 8. “I’m super happy she’s back home as she should be. I just have family who have served and it’s crazy to me the President wouldn’t bring him home too. I’m the furthest thing from a trump supporter but I’m not a fan of Biden either.”

That wasn’t all Parsons had to say, as he also apparently had another conversation related to Griner’s situation.

Parsons Admits His ‘Mistake’

The response to his initial Tweet was viral to say the least, as proponents and detractors both flooded Parsons’ Tweet with replies. However, it’s clear that the Cowboys defensive end had a conversation away from Twitter about the topic.

Not long after his first two Tweets, Parsons explained that he talked to those close to him who gave him new information on Griner and Whelan to consider.

“Just spoke to some people that I respect and trust. I should have been more educated on the topic and not tweeted out of emotion for my family and other who have served. For that I apologize. Also if what I’m told about the attempts to bring Ret Marine Paul Whelan home are true, then the best outcome was accomplished. I pray Mr. Whelan comes home but am extremely happy for Brittney and her family. I am not too prideful to admit when I’ve made a mistake.”

Regardless of one’s stance, Cowboys fans ought to be encouraged by Parsons navigating through a situation with humility and respect. It’s clear Parsons means no ill will, but just wants Whelan to get home as well.

Cowboys DE Having Monstrous Season

Off-field distractions like the conversation around Parsons’ comments are things to avoid, but it doesn’t seem like much can take away from the Dallas defender’s on-field performances.

Despite the Odell Beckham Jr. free agency saga and being an active recruiter of the receiver, Parsons has exceeded expectations in 2022. In the past two weeks alone, the former Penn State star has four sacks.

In 2022, arsons has 12 sacks in 12 games and is just one short of his rookie total (13 sacks) with five games to play. He’s also forced three fumbles this year, the same total he reached in 2021.

The 2021 Defensive Rookie of the Year is making his case for a DPOY award in 2022, and seems like the Cowboys star is a sure-fire bet for his second selection to the first-team All-Pro list in as many seasons.

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