CeeDee Lamb’s Mom Appears to Bash Dak Prescott & Urge Son to Bolt Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb

Getty Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is only under contract one more season.

Just days into the Dallas Cowboys offseason and things are already turning ugly. Screen shots surfaced of comments that appeared to have been made by CeeDee Lamb’s mom Leta Ramirez. Pick Six Sports posted screenshots of remarks under Ramirez’s name which were less than flattering regarding the Cowboys and Dak Prescott.

“DAK ISN’T IT!!!” Ramirez’s first message reads.

Things get worse in the comments as Ramirez responds to other fans. One comment has Ramirez wishing Lamb would leave Dallas.

“[Expletive] I wish he would,” Ramirez reacted.

Another message continue to go after Prescott following the team’s blowout loss to the Green Bay Packers. Ramirez wants the Cowboys to move on from Prescott.

“They need to get rid of his ***!!” Ramirez said of Prescott. “It’s guys on that team [that] wants a RING! They work [too] hard.”

Here’s a look at the screenshots that have Cowboys fans buzzing.

Micah Parsons Brother Also Voiced His Frustration: ‘Remember What the Defense Looked Like Before & After Micah’

There are more frustrated family members of Cowboys players. Micah Parsons’ brother Terrence Parsons also posted a series of tweets indicating his frustration.

“Lmfaoooo just remember what the defense looked like before and after Micah 🗣️ lol that’s all ima say lol y’all wanna talk stats right dominate players won’t have great numbers because they get all the attention…. Y’all confuse good with great lol,” Parsons posted on X with a January 19, 2024 message.

Dallas Cowboys Star CeeDee Lamb Could Be a Free Agent in 2025

As for Lamb, the Cowboys receiver has given no indication that he wants out of Dallas. Lamb is slated to play on the team’s fifth-year option in 2024 with a $17.9 million salary.

The wideout could become a free agent in 2025 if the team does not sign Lamb to a new long-term extension. Dallas would have the franchise tag to potentially use in 2025 if no new deal is reached. Lamb played on the final season of a four-year, $14 million rookie contract in 2023.

“CeeDee Lamb’s mom, huh? There is truly nothing quite like Cowboys football,” Cowboys reporter Bob Sturm noted on X.

Cowboys Rumors: CeeDee Lamb Voiced His Frustration in October

Lamb appeared frustrated during the team’s loss to the Packers in the Wild Card Round. Earlier this season, Lamb voiced his frustration with a lack of involvement in the offense.

Back in October, Prescott revealed the two teammates had a lengthy discussion. The Cowboys quarterback also indicated he preferred the receiver not vent his frustration publicly.

“CeeDee is a guy that I’ll never lose confidence in and trust who he is and understand, as I said, why he’s frustrated,” Prescott told reporters on October 13. “But at the end of the day, he’s a leader. It’s about him leading other guys and picking other guys up and him trying to make sure that we’re all pushing our best.

“And that’s where the frustration, we’ve got to remove that. And he will. He’s a young player that’s growing by the day and he’ll only get better. He’ll be better because of that. Frustrating times.”

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