Broncos’ Garett Bolles Calls Himself ‘Beached Whale’; Wife Weighs In on Viral Play

Getty Garett Bolles and the Denver Broncos offensive line.

While Denver Broncos fans may have been hanging their head in sorrow or storming away from their televisions in disgust after the Las Vegas Raiders’ second-quarter scoop-and-score, the internet went crazy for Garett Bolles’ hilarious moment.

The offensive tackle went viral after he made a half-hearted diving attempt to stop Raiders cornerback Amik Robertson from scoring. And to say that Bolles came up a bit short on the dive, would be a pretty big understatement. The effort was so funny to watch in fact, that the internet, teammates and even Garett’s wife got in on the fun.

Natalie Bolles tweeted, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t die laughing.”

The former University of Utah Ute appeared on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football’ this week and was able to share a laugh about the play, too.

“I watched ‘Superman’ the night before so I thought I could be like Superman, but I ended up being like a beached whale,” Bolles chuckled.

“Here in Denver, Coach Hackett always emphasizes to us to never give up and always keep hustling. We didn’t get the job done on Sunday like we wanted to, but at the end of the day I try to play my heart out for my teammates. I was trying to make a play, it didn’t go well, but I want my teammates and everyone to know that I’m going to give it my all and try to help us win. You never know, I could have maybe made that tackle if I didn’t look like a beached whale on sand.”

Garett Bolles Reacts to Wife’s Post

When asked by the NFL Network how he reacted to finding out his wife had posted about him Bolles explained, “She definitely gave me a hard time, we were laughing and if you know our relationship we are always teasing each other. We’re big jokesters in our family and anytime we can tease each other, we do. I love her dearly and have the best wife in the world. If she can crack a joke like that and still love me, I’m good.”

Garett said his wife wasn’t the only person in his life to jab him a bit for the play and that some of his teammates also gave him a hard time. “They were definitely razzing me, but I think that’s the cool thing about a locker room. We’re a big brotherhood, we love each other. The hazing and teasing me, I roll with it.”

Jokes Aside, the Broncos Have Work to Do

While the lineman acknowledged it was good to share a laugh or two, he became much more serious about Denver’s season thus far. Bolles agreed that 2-2 is not the start that the team expected or wanted, but is optimistic moving forward. “We have great coaches, great leadership. We’ve just got to click and once we click we’ll be a hard team to beat.”

The nation’s eyes will be on Bolles and the Broncos offense Thursday night as Denver will play their third prime-time game of the season, hosting the Indianapolis Colts. 

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