Former Broncos RB Melvin Gordon Sounds Off: ‘It Literally Sucks’

Melvin Gordon

Getty Melvin Gordon walks off the field after fumbling the football against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Former Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon is not shy about making headlines throughout the offseason.

On June 21, Gordon appeared on The Jim Rome Show and explained that playing running back is the worst position in football.

“It’s so tough for running backs right now, man. You have a lot of running backs that are out there and we just don’t get no love. It’s literally the worst position to play in the NFL right now. It literally sucks. I’m just staying ready because I know what I can do. I know once I get in camp or any camp, I can turn some heads. I know what I need to do. I know my mistakes that I’ve made and you have to be able to correct them, but I’m ready to go.”

Gordon remains a free agent after his practice squad contract expired after the season with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rome asked Gordon if he’s staying ready if the right playing opportunity presents itself.

“I still want to play. I still got some tread left on the tires and (Chiefs) coach (Andy) Reid kind of sat me down and he told me, ‘You still can play.’ It’s about the right situation.”

“I’m just staying ready — it’s hard, though. It’s hard training knowing that you’re not going to be on a team. It’s tough mentally. But I talked to some players that went through it and I’m just taking their advice, being a sponge, and it kind of helps you get through it.”

Melvin Gordon Still Believes in Russell Wilson

After being traded to the Broncos in March of 2022, there was hope that Denver was going to return back to the playoffs because of the acquisition of quarterback Russell Wilson.

Through his first 10 seasons playing for the Seattle Seahawks, Wilson was on pace to becoming a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Instead, things took a turn.

Wilson had the worst season of his career statistically as his Broncos finished with a 5-12 overall record.

Gordon was asked if Wilson can still have an MVP-caliber season in him and he stood up for his former NFL and college teammate.

“Yea he do and he got an MVP coach.” Gordon continued, “They got the pieces there now that’s going to put him in the best situation.”

Melvin Gordon Took Shots at Broncos Fans on the Way Out

Just one day after being released by the Broncos, running back Gordon went to social media to take a shot at Broncos fans.

Gordon posted a picture of himself driving the white Ford Bronco that was carrying O.J. Simpson across the 91 freeway in California in a police chase back in 1994.

In the caption of the picture, Gordon also wrote, “Hahaha boy y’all fans was hell lmfaooo. Thank y’all too broncos country. Let’s at least laugh on the way out.”

Gordon also posted a picture on his Instagram of him hugging cornerback Patrick Surtain ll with the caption saying, “Can’t say it’s been the easiest 3 years. But thank you anyway Broncos for helping me continue my dream.”

This comes after Gordon argued with Broncos fans on social media over the past three seasons because of his fumbling issues that occurred in crucial parts of games.

In an interview back in April of 2021, Gordon talked about how difficult his previous season was because of the fans.

“It was probably one of my most difficult seasons. I am not going to lie. Just ’cause a lot of fans and a lot of people weren’t too happy with me coming in and Phil (Phillip Lindsay) wanting to get paid and everything like that.” Gordon added, “It was tough, man, because I felt like a lot of people didn’t accept me.”

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