Chargers Coach Sends Strong Message on Broncos Offense

Los Angeles Chargers Head Coach Brandy Staley

Getty Los Angeles Chargers Head Coach Brandy Staley paces the sideline.

Second-year Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley told reporters heading into Week 6 that he’s not deceived by the Denver Broncos’ 2-3 record, calling them “very dangerous.” The Chargers enter the Week 6 Monday Night Football showdown this week as a 4 1/2 point favorite at many sportsbooks.

“I see a team that easily could be 5-0, real easily could be 5-0,” Staley commented. “They’ve played a good schedule early on. That’s what I see. I see an offense that has a lot of weapons.”

While much has been made about Russell Wilson’s lackluster start for the Broncos, Staley said he still considers him to be one of the league’s best quarterbacks.

“He’s a guy that I’ve had to face several times and a guy that has as good of a resumé as you can find. He has so much experience. He has seen and played in so many big games. He’s going through that transition right now, too, of going to a new team, but he’s still the same player, in terms of being dangerous every snap. He’s a guy that is as tough of a cover as you’re going to go against.”

Staley Says Broncos Have Many Offensive Playmakers

The Broncos have scored fewer points than anyone in the first five weeks of the season, averaging just 15 points per game. Despite that, Staley says he sees a number of scoring threats.

“At receiver, they have an outstanding receiving corps. Those guys are really tough to cover. It’s really unfortunate that they lost the back, Javonte Williams, because he’s an outstanding player, but Melvin Gordon is a lead back in this league, always has been. Then, on the offensive line, they’ve had to make some adjustments, but they have a good line.

“What you see through these first five games is they move the ball and that they’re very dangerous because they have a lot of pieces that can get you explosions, that can score the ball for you. They have our full attention, that’s for sure.”

Scoring Has Decreased Across the NFL Early This Season

Staley says it’s not just the Broncos that are scoring less this season, but a trend across the NFL.

“It could just be injuries early in the season, where I think people are working through a lot of different things. It seems to be that way,” Staley pondered. “Maybe it’s just because there’s so much more media coverage, but it just seems like there are a lot of people in transition with their team. I think that when you factor in the preseason, people are playing less than the preseason, and then you get at the beginning of the season, and then you have some transition on your team. It can be challenging.

“That’s why I talk about the discovery phase. I don’t use that as a coaching phrase to make it feel better, I think it’s descriptive of what is actually happening. I think that’s what you’re seeing. Then, once these groups join up, and they get their, quote-unquote, identity, then you’ll see it get back up because the fact is that the players are good enough. Sometimes you just have to play together more, and then the scoring will move up.”

The Broncos and Chargers kick off from SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on Monday at 6:15 p.m. Mountain time.

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