Peyton Manning, NFL Drop Funny New Videos for ‘The Youths’

Peyton Manning

Getty Peyton Manning in Denver being inducted into the Broncos Ring of Fame.

With football season back in full swing, former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and his brother Eli are back with some new funny videos for fans.

The famous duo is starring in a new NFL campaign called “Play Football,” promoting a humorous initiative on the league’s youth program. The campaign, which features three short films, compares football from the past to what the game has turned into for kids playing today.

According to the NFL’s official press release, each film will feature Peyton in a made-up role as Official NFL Ambassador to Youth Football, talking to “the youths” about his era, “which was all about the grind, toughness, and the ‘blood sweat and tears mentality.”

On the other side, Eli plays Peyton’s cool little brother putting “emphasis on today’s NFL with creativity, inclusivity, self-expression, having fun and playing loose.”

The five-time MVP always emphasized the importance of growing the next generation of players.

“Growing up in New Orleans and watching my dad play for the Saints, I have always been a fan of the game of football,” Manning said, via the league’s official press release. “Throughout my many years playing, I enjoyed everything that I learned from the sport, and I want to share that with as many people as possible, especially young players. This ‘NFL Play Football’ initiative allows me to be a part of something that will impact the future of the game so kids can fall in love with the game the way I did.”

Peyton’s son even has a cameo in the campaign to literally connect the past and the future within the Manning family.

“Football has played a big role in my life, and it’s important to me to ensure that girls and boys of all ages get the opportunity to participate,” said Eli Manning. “Pickup games and flag football were the ways I first started playing and remain some of my best memories, so I was happy to join with the NFL in highlighting those aspects of the game in this campaign.”

Fans can catch a glimpse of the new campaign in-game, on primetime TV and online throughout the upcoming 2022 NFL season.

“Peyton and Eli are the perfect duo to star in this campaign because they bring a unique humor that effectively showcases the evolution of the game and just how fun and inclusive football has become,” said Marissa Solis, SVP Global Brand and Consumer Marketing at the NFL. “An ongoing part of our strategy is to keep the image of the brand fresh, and these videos are not just meant to connect with our young fans and youth players, but really highlight how integral they are to the future of the sport.”

With the Fall season of flag football going from August through October, youth players can register for the season now until the end of the month. Youth tackle season starts in August and runs through November. For more information, visit

The Short Films

In the first video, Sheriff is Here, Peyton tries to teach youth players the “old school” football way when learning how to play the game. The kids then had to show Peyton how they play.

No. 18 also shows off some of his dance moves that we never got to see during a game, but instead on Saturday Night Live.

In the second video, Conditioning, Peyton shows the kids that you need to be in real shape to play football. While Eli thinks the Manning family is all in “peak physical form,” Peyton shows how many pushups he can really do.

It’s fair to say that we’re not going to be seeing an NFL comeback from the 46-year-old anytime soon.

Peyton Is Coaching

Since Manning retired from the NFL back in 2016, he’s been busy as expected. The former Denver quarterback has been in commercials, created his own production company, and has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The two-time Super Bowl champion has remained connected to the game of football and is the offensive coordinator for his son’s football team. Yes, Manning is the type of offensive coordinator that you would expect him to be.

Former NFL offensive lineman Orlando Franklin is Manning’s offensive line coach for the youngsters. Franklin blocked for Manning in Denver from 2012 to 2014.

Manning has built an advanced playbook for his son, who plays quarterback and sometimes receiver. In fact, Manning has even added plays that he used to run in Denver with the Broncos while throwing touchdowns to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.