Analyst Sums up Feelings of Lions Fan Base With Timely Tweet

Dalvin Cook

Getty Dalvin Cook runs away from the Lions.

The Detroit Lions have been miserable against the Minnesota Vikings once again, and watching them has become a tough experience for some fans.

One member of the media agrees with that assessment, and while watching the Lions struggle through a miserable game against the Vikings, made perhaps the most accurate assessment about the 2020 Lions as well as perhaps the team as a whole.

As personality Dan Hanzus tweeted, watching the Lions is simply a depressing experience.

This week, the Lions played another miserable game against Minnesota and were sloppy and undisciplined most of the way. It was an ugly game and another ugly result for Detroit that definitely had to leave fans scratching their heads and thinking how depressing their team really is.

The sad part? It only looks to remain that way moving forward.

Lions Upcoming Schedule

How many wins can the Lions finish with in 2020 after yet another depressing result? The Lions are playing the soft part of the schedule with Washington, Carolina and Houston coming up. If Detroit cannot beat teams like that or even Minnesota who was 2-5, they will be in deep trouble the rest of the way this season.

With a tougher finish to the season, clearly, the Lions need to get back to stacking wins to feel better about their predicament. So far, that hasn’t happened so it’s tough to see them making any type of a run

Schedule strength looked like a big variable for the Lions down the stretch, and it figures to remain in play. The problem for Detroit? If they can’t win the easy games, things will get a whole lot uglier for the team and their staff in the weeks ahead. At minimum, the Lions had better win the next 3 games and see what happens. If not, it’s going to get a lot more depressing.

How Would Matt Patricia Get Fired?

The Lions schedule down the stretch stays pretty soft statistically in terms of their opposition. With the players still on the roster, there should be an expectation that the Lions make a run at the postseason even though they have started 2020 off well below .500. If the Lions continue to struggle, it seemed likely that they elect to move on after the 2020 season. That timeline, however, could be accelerated a bit now.

Should Patricia fail to make any type of run with the schedule he has coming up, it will be possible if not likely that the team elects to move on at some point. It’s been stated this is a playoff or bust type season, so the biggest question might involve what happens to general manager Bob Quinn.

With more losses like this and more folks noting just how depressing the team is, the Lions could definitely see some changes perhaps get made in the future should things not turn around at all.

Right now, it looks like a sure bet that things will remain depressing.

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