Lions Climb Again Within 2021 NFL Draft Order After Losses

T.J. Hockenson Roger Goodell

Getty T.J. Hockenson greets Roger Goodell after being picked by the Lions.

The Detroit Lions have taken a few steps backward in the last few weeks on the field, but the good news is that has only meant good things for their 2021 draft positioning.

Following an ugly Week 9 loss, the Lions continue to motor in the right direction in the draft standings. The Lions, with their 3-5 record, are up to the No. 12 position in the draft and climbing. That’s the silver lining for weary and frustrated fans.

Obviously, there’s a long way to go the rest of the season and plenty of time for change, but the Lions continue to be near the top of the draft order after some losing. The goal for the team is to be in playoff contention, but with that not happening, the best that can be done is draft positioning at this point in time.

Detroit’s season is far from over, but as of right now, they are right on the edge of once again being able to secure a solid position in the draft.

Predicting Lions Finish Within 2021 Draft Order

The Lions are still wide open in terms of their draft window right now as it relates to 2021. The team could pick safely within the top 5 and could also strongly be in play for a top 10 pick. Should they rip off some wins during an easier portion of the schedule, the Lions could work themselves back safely within the 15-20 range in the draft. That’s where they’ve been in recent weeks. Should that occur, that would be the spot where the Lions would be likely to pick based on the fact that they could finish .500 or just below in such a scenario.

Obviously, if Detroit has a finish like they did in 2019, nothing will prevent them from having another top 10 pick, and quite possibly a top 5 selection as well. That will likely be good news for fans who want to see big changes with the team, but it would be terrible news for Matt Patricia and his potentially embattled general manager Bob Quinn.

Another high draft pick this coming offseason would likely mean even more big changes were slated to play out in the Motor City.

Lions 2021 Draft Needs

Regardless of where the team picks, the Lions should be wide open when it comes to the 2021 draft thanks to the fact that they’ve addressed a ton of spots on both offense and defense recently within their selections. One of the most obvious spots of need would be the defensive line given Detroit’s constant lack of a consistent pass rush. The team could also use more young depth at the cornerback spot given the struggles there in relation to depth that have been greatly aided by injury. On offense, the Lions could use another young wideout, and while they might seem set at quarterback, there could always be a significant challenge to that moving forward given changes in direction of the front office which could lead to a change at that position.

Detroit will have plenty of big draft decisions to make in the coming months, and the biggest question that will persist revolves around who will be making these picks and who the coach to lead them ends up being.

Right now, Detroit is back on the edge of a top 10 selection to dream about for next spring.

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