Aidan Hutchinson Details Mature Approach Through Lions’ Rookie Year

Aidan Hutchinson

Getty Aidan Hutchinson walks on the field for Lions game in 2022.

Breaking into the NFL can be tough duty, especially as a hyped rookie. The fact that Aidan Hutchinson has made it look so easy with the Detroit Lions speaks to how bright his future may actually be.

Hutchinson hasn’t looked overwhelmed much if at all this season so far, and as he continues to progress, it’s clear that the youngster is beginning to make some key inroads on the field of play.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, November 10, Hutchinson was asked about where things are at for him right now. As he said, things are slowing down more than a bit from where they were at earlier in the year. That’s not just true in terms of playing, but preparing as well.

“I think things have really started to slow down and just even in how I game plan and how I see things. I think definitely things have just gotten simpler in my head,” Hutchinson said.

Preparation has helped Hutchinson as well, and as he said, he sees himself as trending in the right direction for the future based on how he feels at this point in time.

“I think it’s gotten a lot better for me. I think obviously my progression is definitely on that upward trend I feel like. Especially with some of the scheme changes I feel like have been helping me and and getting me in in better positions,” he said.

While these are good admissions for the future of Hutchinson, it’s clear that the fact he continues to work and grind is perhaps the best asset that he will bring to the mix in the second half.

As Hutchinson has also proved, he is not overwhelmed at all from a leadership standpoint, either. Perhaps that’s the best thing he is bringing to the table as a young player.

Hutchinson Not Focused on Rookie Accolades

While many said going into the season that Hutchinson could be a winner of major awards like a Defensive Rookie of the Year crown, it’s been clear that is not his focus whatsoever.

As he explained to the media, even though he is leading some key categories already, don’t expect that to be the end all, be all of what he hopes to accomplish in the league. As he said to reporters including ESPN’s Eric Woodyard, he is more focused on himself overall than what anyone else might be doing.

“Lions rookie Aidan Hutchinson leads rookies in sacks and total pressures generated, but says, “I’m not really aiming to beat the other rookies. That’s not really my mentality, it’s never been my mentality. I kind of think above that and just rolling everyday and working hard,” Woodyard tweeted after listening to Hutchinson.

For Hutchinson, that’s a great mindset to have. It shows he is tuning out the noise and focusing on what matters, which is hard work and sticking to his own plan. That’s showing real leadership for his team and not allowing himself to look around at all.

Out of all the things that will help Hutchinson, this might the most.

Hutchinson Having Great Rookie Year

Even as he is learning the league, it’s clear that Hutchinson has shown some breakout ability early in his career. Already, he has surged to the top of some NFL leaderboards to start the season.

So far this season, Hutchinson has raked in the pressures up front, and has been the best rookie in the league in terms of pressuring the pocket.

In addition to all that pocket pressure, Hutchinson has paid things off with 4.5 sacks and 20 tackles. Additionally, he made perhaps his biggest play in his young Lions career soaring for a game-changing interception in the red zone.

Coming into the year, many wondered if Hutchinson could contend for Rookie of the Year and other top honors. His performance so far shows why that could be the case, providing he can put up some numbers moving forward in the second half even as folks target him up front for more attention.

Already, Hutchinson seems to have a very mature approach only halfway through his first season. As things slow down and continue to progress in a good direction, it will be interesting to see how much he can progress moving forward.

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