USC Coach Predicts ‘Unbelievable’ Success for Amon-Ra St. Brown

Amon-Ra St. Brown

Getty Amon-Ra St. Brown celebrates a score for USC.

The Detroit Lions not only had a draft need for wideout help, but for a solid player and leader to come in and change the outlook of a young group. Early returns say they were able to score in that vein with Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Most know that St. Brown comes from a good family that has athletics and football coursing through their blood. What kind of a player is St. Brown on the field, though, and what can he bring to Detroit’s locker room? There’s no better source to explain that than former USC head coach Clay Helton.

Recently, Helton joined NFL Network and was asked about what St. Brown can do for the Lions. As he said, it’s about more than just the quality football that St. Brown will provide.

Helton explains:

“He’s an offensive player who plays with a defensive mentality, which I love. He’s another versatile player. He can literally play every position in that receiver room. Extreme football intelligence and (he’s) instinctive. His competitiveness shines through. One of the most competitive players I’ve ever been around in my 26 year college career. He was just a joy to work with the day he stepped foot on campus. He was just a grown man. Another kid who is perfect for your culture. If you’re looking for toughness, if you’re looking for work ethic, if you’re looking for that blue collar mentality each and every day with great leadership capabilities, that’s Amon-Ra St. Brown. Another reason he was a team captain for us and a guy who I think is going to do some unbelievable things at the next level.”

St. Brown being a quality player as well as a quality citizen will be huge for a Lions team looking to put their own imprint on the culture of the franchise. Getting their rookie class to come in and be the foundation was clearly a huge goal for the Lions, and this will be the case with St. Brown and others in a big way.

St. Brown Could See Major Work With Lions

The good news? Fans will know what they have in St. Brown right away in Detroit. The wideout is coming to a spot of intense need on the roster, so the position versatility that Helton talks about will come in handy. The Lions could conceivably use him both inside and out, but a move to the slot seems natural given his skill-set. No matter where St. Brown suits up, the Lions will have a chance to establish him early and often, and he has a great chance to see plenty of targets next season.

It’s excellent to hear what St. Brown brings to the mix off the field and in the locker room as well. It’s clear hearing Helton’s words that the team has the whole package in their wideout.

St. Brown’s Stats and Highlights

One of the more underrated wideouts in the draft, St. Brown was part of a deep wideout class and may have been lost in the shuffle a bit in spite of some super talent. During his career with the Trojans, St. Brown put up 2,270 yards and 16 scores, making him one of the more underrated yet productive wideouts in the draft. St. Brown also has 1 rushing touchdown and 107 total return yards to his credit. He hasn’t done that a lot, but could also factor in on special teams for the Lions if the team desires.

Here’s a look at some highlights:

St. Brown will never have to be a bodybuilder like his father was, but if he can come in with speed and strength and give Detroit’s wideout group a boost, that would be a big development for the team’s offense given what they have lost this offseason.

It’s becoming clear he could be the whole package for the Lions.

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