Amon-Ra St. Brown Has Amazing Interaction With Young Lions Fan [WATCH]

Amon-Ra St. Brown

Getty Amon-Ra St. Brown runs on the field for the Lions in a 2022 game.

The Detroit Lions have one of the classiest young teams in the league, and once again, this was proven by wideout Amon-Ra St. Brown.

St. Brown continues to lead by example on the field and show what he can do as a pass catcher, but he’s also a leader for the team as well, and a guy who gets the job done off the field, too.

St. Brown was warming up and spotted a young child who had been diagnosed with cancer on the field. He ran over and said hello after being flagged down, taking a picture and signing his jersey.

After the game, St. Brown had one goal in mind, and it was finding Lucas once again.

“Can anyone get me in contact w Lucas!? He was at the game today & we shared a heartfelt conversation pregame together. I’d love to get him a signed game jersey #HelpMeFindLucas,” St. Brown tweeted.

The good news? Lucas’s father David Gidelski responded in the comments and explained that the interaction made his son’s day.

“Lucas is my son and that’s all he keeps talking about is his conversation w you and it made his year so thank!,” Gidelski tweeted.

Hopefully, this isn’t the end of the story between St. Brown and Lucas’s family.

St. Brown Enjoyed Special Pregame Connection

What did the interaction sound and look like? NFL Films captured the moment that St. Brown and Lucas were connecting on the field, and it’s a great show for St. Brown.

The wideout takes time to chat with Lucas and take a picture, and also offer him some words of encouragement for the youngster. After being told Lucas was diagnosed with cancer, St. Brown had a special message for the youngster.

“You got it, nothing can stop you, alright?,” St. Brown says in the video after signing Lucas’s jersey.

It was the kind of moment that the family will remember forever, so props to St. Brown for taking some time to make a young Lions fan’s day.

St. Brown Enjoyed Huge Game for Lions vs. Bears

It was a big day for St. Brown in front of Lucas, and the wideout was able to dominate on the field and make some history.

St. Brown, who was facing off against his brother, needed to have a modest day of work to make a statement about where his career was going. In the end, he ended up shattering that mark.

As ESPN’s Field Yates pointed out, St. Brown needed only seven catches to reach 136 for his career, which would put him inside the top 10 for most catches in his first 25 games in the league.

“Today will mark the 25th game of Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown’s career. With 7 catches, St. Brown would reach 136 for his career, putting him inside the Top 10 of NFL history for most catches in his first 25 games,” Yates tweeted before the game.

Instead of seven catches, St. Brown went for 10 and a solid 119 yards on the day. While he did not score, he set the Lions offense up multiple times and looks like an easy force in the game.

St. Brown looks to have one of the brightest futures of any young wideout in the league. Games and stats like this only serve to prove that more in the end, but more than the big plays on the field, his class off the field continues to lead him.

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