Executive Hands Lions’ Dan Campbell His Best Endorsement yet as Coach

Dan Campbell

Getty Dan Campbell gestures for a touchdown in 2022 in Chicago.

The Detroit Lions made the move to hire Dan Campbell a few years ago, and it’s a move that has paid off in a very big way for the team in a short time.

Campbell has not only brought the Lions back to respectability in two years, but he has seemingly primed the team for an upward trend in the future. That’s something that plenty of folks already see when looking at the team.

Analyst Jordan Schultz spoke with an AFC executive about Campbell, and learned even more about what makes the coach great. It involves a much deeper connection with his players.

“Everyone I speak with says the same thing about Lions HC Dan Campbell: He’s the right man for the job,” Schultz tweeted.

What did the executive tell Schultz specifically? Campbell is the kind of coach that can relate well to the players because he was a former player himself and grasps the process. That makes him a great fit for the Lions.

“The players respond to him because he’s been in their shoes and respects what that process means…Dan’s the right guy for Detroit,” the AFC executive told Schultz.

In the long run, Campbell will have to continue to prove he can win games at a high level. Getting player buy-in seemed to be the majority of the battle for the Lions, especially coming off the devastating culture of Matt Patricia, who was 13-29-1 with the team.

Credit to Campbell for achieving a quick culture rebuild in short order. It sets him up to be able to do plenty of other damage on the field in the years ahead.

Jamaal Williams: Campbell a ‘Good Leader’

While some on the outside have been admiring Campbell from afar, his players get the chance to admire from within every single day. That’s something which has already been going on for running back Jamaal Williams.

Speaking on Good Morning Football on Tuesday, January 30, Williams was asked about Campbell and his leadership. As he said, Campbell is a tough leader and somebody that the players understand wants the best for them no matter what.

“Jamaal Williams asked on Good Morning Football about Dan Campbell: “Oh, he’s a good leader. Good leaders are the ones it’s not always gonna be sunshine all the time. Sometimes, you’re gonna be like, ‘What is wrong with this man?’ … But you see he just wants to bring the beast outta you,” Williams said on the show as Burke tweeted.

While playing for Campbell, Williams has rushed for 1,667 yards and 20 total touchdowns in two years. The free-spirit running back seems to thrive with Campbell as coach, given he allows him space to be able to be himself.

Listening to Williams, it’s clear the running back likes the fact that Campbell will also get on his players and push them to their potential. For him, that is the mark of a fantastic leader who wants the best for his team and each player.

D’Andre Swift: Campbell a ‘Loving Coach’

How has the team’s chemistry changed so quickly? According to D’Andre Swift who spoke with the media on Monday, January 9, there hasn’t been any type of magic potion, and it hasn’t been about overhauling the roster. It’s been more about fine tuning the hard work and focus for the team.

“I feel like (the) culture is changing. Got the right guys in the building, not to say we didn’t, but it’s the way that we come in and work,” Swift told the media. “The mentality that we have, just looking to improve, get better on everything, laser focus from game one to last game, so just the way we work every single day. Just looking to get better and stuff like that.”

Another component, of course, is Campbell. As Swift also said, the coach has so many tangibles and intangibles which endear him to players and makes him a success. First amongst them? His ability to be caring and loving to his players over everything else.

“It’s how Dan (Campbell) is every single day. That’s what you’re going to get from him. He’s caring, loving. Players coach. Wants to see everybody succeed. You want to play for that type of coach. You would lay it on the line, run through the wall for that type of coach,” Swift said.

Combine all of that, and it seems as if Campbell is a rare breed in the NFL right now. He has an ability to connect with his players while also reinforcing tough love at times. As a result, his players always like battling for him.

It could leave the Lions in perfect shape with their new head coach moving forward in the future.

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