Lions’ D’Andre Swift Drawing Comparison to Elite NFL Runner

D'Andre Swift

Getty D'Andre Swift runs against Washington.

The Detroit Lions have what looks like the makings of an exciting young running back on their roster in D’Andre Swift, and Swift’s comparison as it relates to a runner in the league is a very interesting one.

Following a game in which Swift broke out for 149 total yards and a touchdown, folks on the internet noticed how much of a weapon he is in the passing game and running game, and had some big thoughts about who he might best be compared to.

As several folks said, Swift is looking like a future Alvin Kamara in the making in Detroit.

A big reason for these comparisons is the fact that not only is Kamara fast in between the tackles, he can catch a pass and take a football to the house. That’s just what Swift has shown the ability to do early this season in his career. The comparisons weren’t just coming from fans, however, but the media as well.

D’Andre Swift Stats vs. Alvin Kamara

Taking a deeper look at the comparison, it’s clear that Swift and Kamara could mirror each other in more ways than just one on the field. Statistically speaking, their college stats paint the picture of a couple versatile weapons coming out.

At Tennessee, Kamara had 1,294 rushing yards and 683 passing yards to his credit along with 23 touchdowns. Swift came into the NFL out of Georgia with 2,885 rushing yards, 666 receiving yards and 25 total touchdowns in his college career. Obviously, Swift stayed in school a bit longer than Kamara, or the numbers could have been a bit closer. Even such, they resemble each other almost like a mirror image.

As a result of numbers like this, there was little doubting how well Swift would do at toting the rock and fitting in well within Detroit’s backfield situation. Georgia has put a lot of great runners into the league lately, and the hope for Swift is that he can join the squad and become the next runner that follows in the footsteps of players like Todd Gurley, Sony Michel and Nick Chubb. All of them have become great, and Swift could be next as he showed flashes of this brilliance time to time since coming into the league as the stats show.

He might also rival Kamara in addition to his contemporaries from Georgia.

Jamal Agnew Pleads Lions to ‘Feed’ D’Andre Swift

As Swift was taking a pass to the house for a score and making plenty of big plays on the field in the second half, Lions’ wideout and returner Jamal Agnew had the best response on the internet. Feed the man!

During the game, Agnew tweeted about the need of the Lions to continue to get the ball to Swift for the offense. He had plenty of time to watch and formulate this opinion given he was sitting out injured during the game.

In addition to this play, Swift also impressed with his run early in the game to help set up an eventual score by the Lions.

Swift dropped a pass against the Chicago Bears earlier in the season during Week 1, but with plays like this, that game seems a long way away now. It was an impressive route as well as an impressive catch and run after the play.

Certainly, what Agnew is saying rings true for the Lions. Swift has managed to not only run the ball well but catch it well in addition. He looks like the total package for the team, and that’s something that Agnew would know given his ability to be with the offense in practice and during the games.

It’s time for the Lions to feed their potential version of Kamara and keep him into the game. It’s clear Swift can be a game breaker when this is the case.

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