Dan Campbell Makes Statement to Aaron Glenn Following Ugly Performance

Dan Campbell

Getty Dan Campbell on the field with the Lions in 2022.

The Detroit Lions had one of the ugliest defensive performances in recent memory in Week 4 against the Seattle Seahawks, and now, many are turning their attention toward Aaron Glenn.

The embattled coordinator is leading a defense that is getting gashed left and right in games, and the heat is coming for him as a result. Dan Campbell, however, isn’t one to throw his coaches under the bus.

Speaking after the 48-45 loss, Campbell was asked about the defense’s inability to improve and specifically Glenn. As he said, he’s not pushing the panic button on Glenn, whom he considers a good coach, nor the team.

“I’m going to sit down with (Aaron Glenn). AG is a damn good coach and this is the same thing I told the team. The worst thing we can do is start pointing fingers at each other. ‘You did this, we didn’t do this.’ We can’t do that man. We can’t let anybody pull us apart because as dismal as it is right now, we’re not as far away as it feels but until we do something about it and quit talking about it, doesn’t matter. We can say we’re going to be better but until we actually do it and make a commitment and we got to coach better and they got to take it on their shoulders. They need some accountability and our captains and our vets, they need to say enough’s enough and what are they going to do about it? What are we going to do about it? I mean we’re all in this same boat together and we got to clean it up but I know this, we can’t go in panic mode because it’s the worst thing you can do.”

Specifically, Campbell said he has to get a lot more hands-on with Glenn to try and figure out some of the problems, even as he trusts the assistants as well as Glenn himself to get the job done.

“I got a lot of faith in Aaron Glenn. I got a ton of faith in those assistants and I think it’s just, we sit down and we look at everything together,” Campbell said. “Because really, I think more than anything maybe, it’s time for deep dive. A real deep dive into it. Players, everything that we’re doing but I also trust what he’s doing and there’s a reason why I hired him. So I want to let him do his job but certainly, I gotta look a lot deeper than I have.”

A deep dive from the head man is needed, and that may involve working with Glenn to find fixes. It’s clear the Lions have a lot of work to do, but anyone looking for a knee-jerk reaction from Campbell will likely be disappointed.

Campbell: Lions Defense Lacking Confidence

So what does Campbell think the Lions need to do on defense? As he said, it’s time for the team to get back to the basics and manufacture some confidence, which the team is lacking.

“I know this, we lack confidence. That’s very clear to see. That’s one element to it. We lack a lot of confidence, and so certainly to do that you have to have production in games and have success and stop your opponents, get some stops, things of that nature. We’re lacking some confidence in areas and then there again, we’re still making errors which falls into our boat as coaches. That’s on us.”

Specifically, what does Campbell mean about confidence? He doesn’t see the team having any kind of swag on one side of the ball.

“I just don’t feel our swagger, you know?,” Campbell said.

It’s clear the Lions lack everything on defense mentally and physically.

Lions Defense Played Miserable in Week 4

In terms of the loss, it was an epic one for the Lions on defense. The team allowed an ugly 48 points, and Seattle didn’t punt once in the game. Statistically, it was one of the worst games the Lions have played in some time.

Detroit allowed 555 yards in the game, including 320 passing yards and 235 rushing yards. They were gashed to the tune of five total touchdowns including two from Rashaad Penny on the ground. Detroit generated no sacks, gave up nine first down conversions and was unable to generate any takeaways minus an early fumble recovery on a muffed punt.

Swagger, confidence or not, the Lions have to find a way to get off the field more consistently. That falls on Glenn and certainly Campbell to begin to find the answers for the players as to what they must do.

Following the most frustrating show in a long time, Campbell is rallying around Glenn.

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