Lions Free Agent Defender Speaks Passionately About Desiring 2023 Return

John Cominsky

Getty John Cominsky on the field for the Lions in a 2022 preseason game.

The Detroit Lions signed John Cominsky this past offseason, and though he was a more underrated free agent, he came into his own with the team.

Cominsky was a vital player for the team’s defensive front, and when he was out with injury briefly in the middle of the season, the group suffered in a big way. That proved his value to the team overall.

Clearly, Cominsky values the Lions just as much, and he has been beating the drum about desiring a comeback for the 2023-24 season. As Colton Pouncey of The Athletic tweeted, he spoke to Cominsky, who confirmed he wants a return to the team.

“I do want to be here. I’ve told all the coaches. I’ve told players I want to be here. I want to be with these guys. We have a young room. I would love to be that veteran in that room. Josh Paschal and Demetrius Taylor and James Houston and Aidan Hutchinson, you know, I love all those guys. To be here and be a leader, mentor for them, I would love that,” Cominsky said as detailed in Pouncey’s tweet.

A player like Cominsky who wants to do the dirty work can be a rarity in the NFL. It’s clear he fits the Lions’ outlook as well as their culture in a big way. To that end, they may have mined some gold when they found the pass rusher.

Cominsky has earned a Detroit return, and he seems to want it himself.

Cominsky Stumps on Instagram for Lions Return

Not only is Cominsky telling the media he wants to return to the Lions, but he is putting it out there publicly as well.

Cominsky hopped on Instagram after the season concluded to share his thoughts. As he said, the season taught him a lot about goals as well as himself. He admitted that he wants to stick with the team as a result of how the season went and what was accomplished.

“Exit meeting 2021-22 season: “Can I please get released?” Exit meeting 2022-23 season: “Can you please bring me back?” Life is absolutely insane. Sacrifices had to be made and uncertainty was my reality most of my career. Let this season be a testament to the fact that your “plays” are coming. Keep putting your time and effort into what you want and your big plays in life will come to you naturally. Learned a lot from this game and excited for what’s next. Thank you to the Lions organization and my family for making this possible. If I haven’t said it already, I WANT TO BE A LION. Tag Detroit Lions in the comments to make sure the message is loud and clear,” Cominsky tweeted.

That’s quite a definitive statement by Cominsky, which only serves to prove that he is genuine about his intentions. It’s been a while since the Lions have had a player so motivated to return, but Cominsky seems to fit that bill.

Cominsky’s 2022 Stats Good for Lions’ Defense

While many other defenders may have received more love for their play this season, it’s been clear from the start that Cominsky was bringing a big edge to the team and was a glue guy for the defense.

Statistically, Cominsky enjoyed his best season in the NFL with Detroit, posting 30 total tackles, four sacks, one forced fumble and three passes defended. Energy-wise, he continued to show his strength to the roster and the defense throughout the year. Constantly, he collapsed the pocket up front and been responsible on the edge.

It’s been clear Lions aren’t simply looking for stats when it comes to their defense. A player like Cominsky who does the right thing and is responsible while brining the energy is someone who will seemingly always have value for the Lions and Aaron Glenn.

Cominsky clearly wants to come back, so the only thing to see now will be whether the Lions agree or not, and what type of deal he might receive.

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