5 Lions With the Most ‘Hard Knocks’ Superstar Potential

Jamaal Williams

Getty Jamaal Williams runs on the field after introductions in Week 1.

One of the biggest thrills of the summer is soon to hit the television screen, and the Detroit Lions are set to play a leading role in 2022.

Ever since Hard Knocks revealed that they would be packing up their cameras and heading north to spend training camp with the Lions, folks have been looking forward to what this year’s version of the show will look like.

A big question in the minds of the masses will revolve around which players are the most worth watching in the new season. The Lions have plenty that could make a quick turn to stardom thanks to the show.

Jamaal Williams, Running Back

The runaway winner in this poll has to be Jamaal Williams, who is going to impress from the moment the cameras are on him, even if that isn’t his major intention.

Williams is affable and funny, and is one of the best quotes on the team. He interacts well with fans and the media, and is sure to grace producers with multiple brilliant lines that will be t-shirt worthy. Take, for instance, his recent monologue:

More than a bright personality, Williams is also hard working and one of the most committed players on the team. This will make him the ideal combo of a serious yet funny player that could be the team’s leading man in terms of air time.

Aidan Hutchinson, Defensive Line

During a recent media session, Aidan Hutchinson made waves by revealing that he had performed a Michael Jackson cover during his rookie presentation. That fact alone could qualify him for this list, and will undoubtably show a fun personality.

There’s more that meets the eye on Hutchinson, too. The rookie is from the Detroit area and is playing for his hometown team. That will make him a natural for the cameras and storylines, as will the fact he was the second-overall pick. With his moonwalk in tow, Hutchinson could be a quick star.

Malcolm Rodriguez, Linebacker

Rookies and underrated players are always a big attraction on the show, and Malcolm Rodriguez is going to be a hit based on this. The sixth-round pick is a grinder who has good looks and works incredibly hard.

During camp, Rodriguez has also turned heads with his play, and has drawn plenty of early attention from the coaching staff. With this in mind, he’s likely to play a big role on the series. There’s always one cult hero that emerges from the show, and Rodriguez could soon be that guy.

Alim McNeill, Defensive Line

How could a man with so many nicknames, amongst them “Dancing Bear,” “Twinkletoes,” and “Buttercup” not inspire attention? Alim McNeill seems to have a great relationship with Dan Campbell, which could put him in prime position to get some air time.

In terms of his game, McNeill is also playing a vital role as a plugger in the middle of the line and one of the better young defenders in the NFL. Typically, players like that draw attention and generate love from fans. It’s time for McNeill to become a natural for the cameras.

Michael Brockers, Defensive Line

The Lions fanbase might be undervaluing Michael Brockers at the moment given all the exciting young talent they have up front, but the veteran is still a player folks will want to watch closely on the show thanks to his sense of humor.

Post-retirement, Brockers likely has plans for a media career, and always does well in front of a camera. That’s going to be showcased in a big way on Hard Knocks, so bet on him getting plenty of air time and making the most of it in the process.

The “old man” might be the butt of a lot of jokes, but there’s a good chance he will be handing out some good one-liners of his own.

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