Lions RB Jamaal Williams Offers Classy Reaction to Massive Game

Jamaal Williams

Getty Jamaal Williams celebrates a score in 2022 vs. New York.

The Detroit Lions have been led from the start of the season until now by running back Jamaal Williams, who continues to plow a path forward for the team.

There’s been nobody better in short-yardage situations in the entire NFL than Williams, who continues to look like the sledgehammer the Lions have lacked at running back for years.

In spite of the fact that Williams is such a vital player, nobody would ever know that based on how he reacted after the game. Speaking with the media including Eric Woodyard of ESPN, Williams downplayed the fact that he is now leading the NFL in terms of rushing touchdowns with 12, a significant feat.

As he explained, the scores aren’t just his, but his teammates as well, who earn them with hard work.

“It’s a good milestone, but I’m not very good with compliments. So, I don’t do well when people compliment me. I don’t know what to really say. I just say ‘thank you’ and keep it pushing. But it never gets to my head because I know I still got a lot more to prove. I’m just trying to do my best. I’m grateful for these. This goes for the lineman too. My touchdowns are their touchdowns. Everybody who blocks for me. It’s a team thing. All these touchdowns are our touchdowns, it’s not just mine,” Williams told the media including Woodyard.

Indeed, Williams’ response after the game was also special. He gave a shout-out to Detroit, and said that his team is going to continue to claw for every inch on the field.

“DEEEEETROOOOOIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!! These LIONS will claw for every inch!!!! #SUPERSAIYANCHARGE,” Williams tweeted after the game.

The Lions have appreciated what Williams has brought to the mix, and it’s clear that he is a dominating presence for the team. Williams will never let on that is the case, though.

Dan Campbell Sings Williams’ Praises After Win

In terms of Williams, the Detroit coaching staff knows what they have and likes it a lot. As Dan Campbell explained, the Lions feel lucky to have Williams, because he is an authentic player on the field and off.

In terms of what Williams brings, Campbell admitted that Williams is who he is, which is fantastic for the Lions, and he is a hard worker who always brings it.

“The production speaks for itself and everything you see and know about him is exactly who he is. It’s all heart. He’s emotion, he’s heart. He just is a steady, productive, hard running, hard-working football player,” Campbell said to the media afterward.

It’s been clear for a while that Williams is a significant player for the Lions, who is a team leader. He sets this tone in a big way on the field for the team not with production, but the effort he puts in.

Jamaal Williams Was Lions’ MVP vs. Giants

Is it possible that the Lions’ MVP most of the season has been Williams, who is an elite finisher near the goal line. Williams was the sledgehammer again with three scores on the day, and 64 yards.

This game was a Williams special for Detroit. He simply was the tougher, more physical runner for the Lions. His scores were all vital for the Lions, which used them as a springboard to a huge win for the team.

After the game, he continued to impress with a very humble approach, which will always be something that is a special hallmark for Williams as he continues to play the rest of the 2022 season.

No matter how much he might lead Detroit, few people will ever know that Williams is actually looking like the team’s best player on offense this season.

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