James Houston Shares Sweet Reaction to History Making Lions’ Debut

James Houston

Getty James Houston celebrate a big sack against the Bills in 2022.

James Houston came from obscurity to dominate for the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day, and while the debut was impressive, the roots of it may be even better.

Houston came from Detroit’s practice squad to make a major impact on the game, and afterward, he was interested in sharing how blessed he felt with being able to start his NFL career in such a bright way.

The one person getting the love on Thanksgiving? Houston’s mother, whom he said he dedicated the strong effort to after the game when speaking to the media including Eric Woodyard of ESPN.

“I think I did that for her. It was always something I knew I could do. I did it at Jackson State. It’s football. I just knew I needed to be prepared and I came out and did my thing,” Houston said with a smile after the game.

The rookie has been biding his time on the practice squad to start the year, but after the big day, it will be hard to keep him away from the roster now. That might be only more of the case when considering his humble attitude, as well.

Houston can be the next star for the Lions, and his debut was big news for the team. He might be another shining example of an elite, humble rookie class getting primed to step up for Detroit.

Houston Was Lions’ MVP vs. Bills

The two sacks were a fantastic debut for Houston, and considering their importance, he was Detroit’s MVP on the afternoon. The rookie broke through late in the first half and collected his first career sack of Josh Allen. The play took Buffalo out of touchdown range and forced a field goal.

Later on, Houston would get to Allen again, picking up a third quarter sack for the Lions defense when they needed it the most.

It was a big day for Houston, and a surprise for the Lions that was very welcome given the fact that the team hasn’t had a great season rushing the passer to this point. Perhaps he can change that moving forward with big efforts like this on the field.

Houston Made Lions History With Sacks

The outburst on the day was big for the Lions, but it was also big for Houston. His effort on the field made history for the team, and no rookie has enjoyed quite the debut that he did.

With the two sacks, Houston is the only Detroit player ever to produce a pair of sacks in his debut game for the team. Lions PR pointed out the fantastic feat as the game was playing out.

“The only player in Lions history to produce a multi-sack game in their first-career NFL game: LB James Houston,” the site tweeted.

Considering the elite rookie players that have rolled through Detroit, the fact that Houston was able to make these plays is fantastic to note, indeed. The only thing that may be better than the sacks is Houston’s humble attitude. No doubt his mom was likely impressed with the effort.

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