Jameson Williams Explains Significant Advantage to Longer Recovery

Jameson Williams

Getty Jameson Williams celebrates a big play with Alabama in 2022.

The Detroit Lions are soon to get back a key member of the offense in wideout Jameson Williams, and with his return to practice, the team will finally get to unlock a dynamic player in the making.

Most forget about how much Williams dominated the 2021 season with Alabama in college, and the reasoning has to do with the ACL injury that may have cost Williams a shot at glory and his team a shot at a title.

Now, though, that’s in the past and Williams has pushed through. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, November 22, he explained that he’s had to push through some tough times, but he has made it through to the other side.

“I would say getting back out there. I had a lot of workouts, a lot of down days, a lot of bad days I had to push through but I’m here now. Everything’s been going well. That’s probably the worst part though,” Williams revealed.

Through all the bad times, though, Williams was still able to stay grounded and manage to get better on the field and heal his body as well. All of the time only helped him feel much better at this point, and now, he believes he has turned a corner and feels the same or better than he did pre-injury.

“I feel the same. I feel a lot better. I’m just happy to get back on my feet, get moving, see what I can do,” Williams said.

What Williams will be able to do has been a big topic for Lions fans, but it’s clear that there has been one big advantage for Williams even though he has been out.

Williams Reveals Lessons From Time Out

A big bonus for the Lions lost in the fact that Williams has been sidelined is the fact that the wideout has been able to sit back and study defenses as well as the league in the meantime.

For a rookie, that could prove to be a huge advantage. Williams was not thrown into the fire as so many rookie are, and instead has had time to study and understand the game as he eases back from injury.

“I just learned a lot about I would say more defenses. Just me being in the film room and being engaged and going through this with the team, going through this with coach (Antwaan) Randle El, he’s taught me a lot of things. I became more familiar with defenses around the league,” Williams said.

With that familiarity, the hope is that Williams can make a big impact on the field. Already, Williams thinks that’s going to be the case when combined with his already strong skill set.

“My skill set is it’s different so I feel like the coaches have a great plan for me and how they will use me so when that time comes, we’ll see,” he said with a smile.

Hopefully, the Lions see sooner rather than later what he can bring to the table as a dynamic threat and get to see on full display what he learned while recovering.

Jared Goff Excited to Unleash Williams

Williams might be glad to be back on the field, but his quarterback Jared Goff might be even more happy to have him.

Speaking to the media on Monday, November 21, Goff discussed what Williams means. While he’s not expecting him to come back right away and admits he didn’t do much in practice, the dynamic element he adds is something that could change the game for Detroit.

“He’s got so much speed man, and he’s got so much ability. Any way that we can end up using him whenever that time is he comes back will give us a boost some way some how,” Goff said. “However many snaps that ends up being, however many balls he ends up catching just having him on the field and having his ability to threaten people vertically and to turn a five-yard throw into a 60-yard gain, that type of stuff is dangerous.”

The Lions could certainly use another major weapon in their offense, and Williams could be coming at just the right time given the fact that the Lions have had some injuries in their receiver group.

No matter what Williams does, it could be an advantage to the Lions just to have him on the field. Goff seems to know that, which is why he seems so fired up to add him back to the mix.

Armed with a stronger body and a strong mind, Williams will be setting his sights on attacking opposing defenses soon. Advantage Lions starting soon.

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