Jared Goff Offers Fantastic Comparison for Lions’ WR Jameson Williams

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff calling out a play for the Lions in 2022.

Being a quarterback in the NFL, Jared Goff knows fast players when he sees them. In Detroit Lions wideout Jameson Williams, he sees a guy who has next-level speed.

Goff also understands that Williams is able to use his speed very differently than most players. That includes someone who he has played closely with before in Los Angeles in the form of Brandin Cooks.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, November 30, Goff was asked about the speed of Williams. As he said, it is very comparable to Cooks, but also different in a major way.

“He’s very fast. He’s very very fast. Brandin Cooks is probably the fastest guy I’ve played with. It’s a different type of speed, though,” Goff said. “Again I haven’t seen him play in a real game, but he’s longer. He’s a stride guy. He’s got length. He’s got wingspan. Brandin was more just kind of a burner and has done that well for a long time. Jameson, he can extend on guys. He can really make catches away from his body, that type of stuff.”

As a result of that, Goff knows that Williams can be a major piece for the offense moving forward. That’s true no matter how fast the Lions decide to activate him for the team.

“How much he’s able to help us these next six games we’ll see, but certainly as a quarterback, you want him on the field as soon as possible,” Goff admitted.

If Williams can be a bigger, longer version of Cooks with the same speed, that could change the game in the NFL. It could also change the game for the Detroit offense, who could have the need for the big plays he can offer.

Cooks, Goff Enjoyed Productive Relationship

Lions fans should be thrilled to hear that Goff considers Williams a similar version of Cooks. After all, the pair did some major damage when they were together in Los Angeles for years.

Cooks had the most productive season he’s ever enjoyed in the NFL in terms of yards in 2018, which was part of Goff’s career year when he spun for 4,688 yards and 32 touchdowns. That season, Cooks put up 1,204 yards and five touchdowns with Goff, and was a key vertical threat for the Rams.

In his short two season career with Los Angeles, Cooks put up 1,787 yards and seven touchdowns. Speed was the biggest reason he was able to be such a key component of an explosive offense that reached the Super Bowl.

Goff already has experience and comfort with a player of Williams’ caliber, so it will be fun to see him start another connection with a similar talent.

Goff Thinks Williams Ready for NFL

In terms of the value of Williams in the offense, it’s easy to see that the Lions will gain with him back in the mix almost immediately when he is activated.

Williams is a fast player, and is the kind of guy who can hit deep home runs at will for an offense. He’s also the kind of player that can turn a short route over the middle into a large play. For the Lions, it might be as simple as just putting the ball in his hands and seeing what happens.

As Goff explained, from what he can see, Williams looks good already even with some of the simple things he has been doing. As a result, whenever he comes back, Goff is confident in him making an impact.

“He looks good. I did some stuff with him (Wednesday). We’ll see how it progresses. If it’s this week, next week, the week after I don’t know. But he looked good to me,” Goff said to the media.

If Williams does come back, Goff conceded it may take a little time for the duo to form some chemistry, but already, that seems to be taking place.

“It depends on what routes he’s running and how much we’re using him, but we’ll see. It’s like that with any player. It has nothing to do with how fast he is but any guy, you want to get those reps. We got some (Wednesday) which is always helpful and trying to start on the same page and hopefully get him incorporated soon,” he said.

Lions fans have to be excited to find out how good Williams can be within an already resurgent offense in 2022. If these practice steps and quotes from Goff are any indication, they could be in for a major treat soon.

Fans only hope that Williams can offer a Cooks-like impact for the team given how impressive the latter has been in his NFL career.