Matthew Stafford’s Wife Updates Family COVID-19 Results

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford fires a pass in Atlanta.

The Detroit Lions are waiting to see if Matthew Stafford can play on Sunday, but in the meantime, the news keeps getting better and better in terms of his health for the weekend.

Stafford’s family tested negative for the coronavirus as of Thursday, which could potentially continue a good trend in the right direction for the quarterback as it relates to his status for Sunday’s game.

The Lions have been watching Stafford since he was deemed “high risk” for COVID-19 following a contact he had early in the week. Since that, there’s been no mention of how Stafford himself has done, but it doesn’t look as if the team’s key quarterback is reversing since being placed on the list. That would be good news for his potential status against the Minnesota Vikings.

We’ll have to see if Friday brings any new COVID-19 results that might shed additional light on this.

Matthew Stafford’s Week On COVID-19 List

Earlier in the week, folks were shocked to learn Stafford had been placed on the COVID-19 reserve list. That news didn’t mean Stafford was positive himself but that he had been in the circle of someone who was high risk and had to be observed as a result.

After this news broke, Stafford’s wife hopped on the internet and added her commentary on the matter. As she simply said, “here we go again.”

Interestingly enough, though, Stafford also explained why her husband could be alright this weekend. As she explained, everyone has been testing negative all week long since the exposure happened last Monday.

If this is true, it could be good news for Stafford this weekend against the Minnesota Vikings. Stafford is going to have to be monitored the rest of the week and the weekend, but there is a chance he can play if no symptoms show and he keeps testing negative by the time Sunday rolls around. That has continued through the week at least into Thursday.

So far, the Stafford family continues to remain healthy which is good for them and the short term hopes of the Lions this week.

Matthew Stafford’s Status

Should Stafford not be able to play Sunday, the Lions will be in good hands with Chase Daniel leading the way for the team. The stats he maintains against the Vikings are solid, given his 3-0 record against the team historically. Obviously, the plan will be for Stafford to start and play the big role if he can keep healthy, but it remains to be seen if it will officially play out that way for the Lions this weekend.

Daniel can more than handle the responsibility if it indeed is proven he will have to play, but obviously, the biggest hope is for the Lions to be able to put Stafford on the field Sunday.

The team is facing an important week, and having QB 1 on the field would be a big advantage as the Lions grapple with another must-win game. The healthier the Stafford family stays in the meantime, the better news it is for his potential status over the weekend.

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