Jared Goff Confident in Resurgent Effort From Lions Offense After Bye

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff runs on the field in New England during a 2022 game.

The Detroit Lions have major questions about what will happen next on offense in Week 7 after an ugly performance in Week 5, but the man in charge has not lost confidence in his team.

Quarterback Jared Goff may have played his worst game as a Lion amid a frustrating effort on the field which culminated in no passing touchdowns yet two turnovers, but the frustration from that game did not spill over during the bye or when preparing for the next game on the schedule.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, October 19, Goff was asked why anyone should have confidence in the Detroit offense relative to their last performance. As he said, the team’s body of work as a whole points to the fact that there won’t be sustained dips.

“Just the body of work. We’ve done a good job putting points on the board for the most part. We haven’t done a good job of finishing games and and winning, but moving the ball and putting points on the board, we’ve done a decent job. Just get back to that and treat New England as hopefully an anomaly,” he said. “That doesn’t mean we we ignored it, we got a lot of things to fix in that game that I believe were addressed and we’ve kind of moved on from now, but it was a good learning experience. Hopefully we can look at it like that and and look back on it as something that kind of ignited something in us and allowed us to move forward in the right direction.”

As it relates to Dallas, Goff said that a game against a solid defense and a good squad couldn’t come at a better time for the Lions, who need a win and could use one of that magnitude.

“It’s a good team, it’s a road game. We need one and it would be a great one to have,” he said.

Suffice it to say finding a way to get such a win will likely revolve around moving the ball down the field better and scoring more points.

Goff thinks the Lions are ready to do that once again after a bit of a departure from the norm in Week 5.

Goff: ‘Intense’ Lions Practice Good for Team

The Lions got after it on the field again after a week off, and that was just what was expected of the team after a frustrating week on the field.

An intense practice could be a way the Lions turn the corner, and it certainly sounds as if the team is very happy with what they were able to do in preparation. As Goff said, the defense was getting after it, which in turn forces the offense to be much better.

“Definitely more intense, it was fun. Those guys were flying around and you know, when their intensity raises so does ours so it was a fun day. It was a fun practice. That was a really good practice for both sides and it was good,” Goff said.

Goff seems to know that dialing it in will be very significant and important for the Lions. To hear the offense and defense were getting after it is a step in the right direction as it relates to fine tuning things.

Lions Offense Still Potent Statistically

Even though the Lions had a dud game on the field in Week 5 and then had Week 6 off, perhaps remarkably, their offense is still looking like a top 10 unit in the league statistically.

In terms of total offense, the Lions still possess the second-best offense in the league in terms of yardage with 411 yards per-game. Their passing offense rates seventh in football, putting up 260.4 yards per-game on average. In terms of rushing, Detroit is still eighth in the NFL with 151 yards per-game. All these totals are very solid.

Finding a way to get back to those roots for the Lions may not be all that difficult, and may only revolve around believe in themselves executing as well as getting sharper and learning lessons after a frustrating day on the field.

Goff thinks that the team can find a way to turn the corner in that vein after learning some lessons and re-establishing their identity.