‘Monster’ T.J. Hockenson Earns Praise for Playing Best Game With Lions

T.J. Hockenson

Getty T.J. Hockenson playing against Seattle in 2022.

While the Detroit Lions sustained a frustrating defeat on the field to the Seattle Seahawks, the team witnessed a breakout performance from tight end T.J. Hockenson.

With almost no other targets to depend on, the Lions turned to Hockenson and he dominated on the field in a big way. Hockenson put up a gaudy 179 yards and 2 touchdowns in arguably his best career performance on the field.

The biggest play of the day was an 81 yard catch and run for Hockenson which showed how athletic he is on the field and all the things he can do. As he said after the game to the media, it was a play he was delighted to be able to make.

“I loved it. I loved getting out, getting loose, getting in space. That was a fun one for sure,” Hockenson said in describing the play.

The huge plays helped serve notice that Hockenson was here to stay on the day, and was just the beginning in terms of the praise he would receive for what he was able to do on the day.

More than Hockenson himself, his teammates and coaches were singing major praises for his play on the field.

Jared Goff: Hockenson Dangerous Rhythm Player

The player who was most thrilled to see what Hockenson was able to do was his quarterback Jared Goff.

Goff played a big role in feeding Hockenson on the field and helping him to rack up stats on the afternoon. As he explained, a big key to the day was his ability to get in synch with the offense and make some things happen.

“I think you could see him kind of catch a rhythm. He started breaking some tackles, started being extremely decisive on his routes, separating well. That’s who he is,” Goff said. “He’s a rhythm player. You can see how dangerous he is catching it shallow and taking it 80 yards. He’s a hell of a player.”

A good tight end is a quarterback’s best friend, and for Goff, Hockenson was all that and more on this day. In the future, the Lions need to try and find a way to establish Hockenson earlier in games to open up the offense.

Dan Campbell: Hockenson Stepped up Big for Lions

An important player for the team on this day, Hockenson was needed in a major way because the Lions were down multiple offensive weapons.

Dan Campbell understood that the Lions needed to find a big day from someone, and Hockenson was that guy. As he said, the Lions managed to get a big day from Hockenson with everyone looking his way.

“That was really good. We knew we needed him to step up for us. He was going to be more of a focal point today and he certainly did that. He stepped up and had a monster game for us,” Campbell said.

The Lions hope this is just the beginning for Hockenson, especially if the team’s weapons continue to be limited in a big way.

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