Colts Urge Staff Members to ‘STFU’ About QB Plans: Insider

Shane Steichen

Getty New Colts head coach Shane Steichen, still looking for a starting quarterback, addressed the full team for the first time on April 10.

The uncertainty of the Indianapolis Colts’ next quarterback remains as the NFL draft is nearly two weeks away. With that in mind, the Colts’ focus has primarily been on quarterback prospects this off-season as they hold the No. 4 overall pick.

But since rumors involving prospects and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson flooded Indianapolis’ off-season, ESPN’s Stephen Holder said the team’s future remains uncertain.

“I don’t think anyone truly “knows” what they’re gonna do, but I will tell you this: The Colts made it a point to tell staffers to STFU about QB plans,” Holder tweeted in a reply to Horseshoe Huddle’s Zach Hicks. “They aren’t talking, for the most part.”

Jackson had substantial involvement in the Ravens signing free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Jackson was “probably” going to be Baltimore’s signal caller next season after a Colts offseason full of discussions about Jackson.

Holder, who often shows transparency when replying to tweets, revealed he has different ways of reaching sources but it’s difficult to get information due to the Colts’ silence.

“There are obviously still other ways to get info, some of which I’ve been able to tap into,” Holder tweeted in another reply. “But just saying they are keeping things really buttoned up.”

Holder Reveals His QB Impressions

And while it appears the Colts are keeping things under wraps regarding their draft pick decision, Holder said it could end up being Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson.

“And I do lean toward AR for the record,” Holder said, although he did not specify exactly why.

According to NFL Network’s Cameron Wolfe, Florida quarterback is wrapping up a pre-draft visit with the Carolina Panthers, who are now led by former Colts head coach Frank Reich. The Panthers leapfrogged the Colts in the draft, as the team traded up to No. 1 from No. 9 last month.

But the Colts also want to learn more about Richardson, which is why they’ve scheduled a pre-draft visit of their own with him on April 11 and 12.

Richardson could be a noteworthy prospect for the Colts at No. 4, as some believe he could be available there despite a demand for early-round quarterbacks.

Colts’ Core Values Entering Steichen Era

In addition to Richardson, it turns out that the Colts were also back in the facility on April 10 for off-season workouts.

The Athletic’s Zak Keefer noted that the full squad returned, marking seven days earlier than other teams because they have a new head coach in Shane Steichen.

The Colts social media team captured wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. and cornerback Kenny Moore II showing up on the first day of workouts. The team also tweeted photos of one of the team’s first workout sessions.

In addition to that, Steichen spoke to the team for the first time on April 11. He addressed the team’s core values, rules and culture entering the new season.

In a Colts tweet featuring Steichen talking to the team, character, preparation, consistency and being relentless were the new head coach’s key themes for the team in 2023.

The video also showed a projector on behind Steichen, which said the team will “entertain, inspire and unite” by winning the Colt way and building the culture.

“When we are connected, we are committed,” Steichen said.

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