Colts Trade Target L’Jarius Sneed Fuels Speculation With Cryptic Message

Getty Kansas City Chiefs cornerback L'Jarius Sneed.

Indianapolis Colts cornerback Chris Lammons, who is a former teammate of Kansas City Chiefs CB L’Jarius Sneed, fueled speculation of Sneed being traded to Indy via a social media post.

On March 16, Lammons tagged Sneed in a post on X, formerly Twitter, and included multiple “eyes” emojis in the post. But what really added fuel to the fire was Sneed responded to Lammons’ post by posting multiple “eyes” emojis as well.

Colts Insiders Share Conflicting Reports on Sneed

Destin Adams of A to Z Sports reported on March 16 that the Colts and Chiefs are “ironing out” the final trade details that will send Sneed to Indy. Adams wrote that that the Colts are sending a 2024 third-round pick and an additional pick in 2025 to Kansas City in exchange for the star cornerback.

Jason Spears, a prominent Colts podcaster, doubled down on Adams’ report.

“I was told the deal is done. I’m not sure when it gets announced, but it’s done,” Spears wrote of Indy’s trade for Sneed. “Ran it by someone in the Colts community with connects & they heard the same. CB (Chris Ballard) with the late night work.”

Yet The Athletic’s Stephen Holder refuted Adams and Spears’ reports.

“Once and for all: There is no trade in place between the Chiefs and Colts for L’Jarius Sneed,” Holder wrote on March 16. “I was told this unequivocally from the highest levels of the Colts organization. Hope everyone has a great day.”

That post was issued in the wake of Holder’s post on March 15 in which he provided some clarification on why Sneed has not yet been traded.

“Regarding Chiefs cornerback L’Jarius Sneed — who was franchised and given permission to seek a trade — my understanding is the holdup is less about KC’s willingness to trade him and more about the challenge of agreeing to a new contract,” Holder wrote.

Despite Holder refuting Adams’ report, Adams stood by his original reporting on Sneed.

“Going to let the situation play out but I stand on the fact that I trust the info I was given from multiple different people here,” Adams wrote. “I never have and never will put out any info that I don’t 100% vet and trust. As I said earlier if I’m proven wrong I’ll own it and apologize to each and every person on this app. But I ask everyone to please not attack myself or Stephen. I respect the work Stephen does tremendously and I appreciate the support so many of you have from me but I want no hostility coming Stephen’s way.”

Colts Cap Situation After Week 1 of Free Agency

After the first week of free agency, the Colts have $22.6 million in available cap space, according to Over The Cap. That leaves the team with room to acquire and sign Sneed to a multi-year contract.

According to Spotrac’s calculated market value, Sneed is worth a four-year, $65.3 million contract, which is an average annual value (AAV) of $16.3 million.

If Sneed were to get a contract with that AAV, it would make him the ninth-highest-paid CB in the NFL based on that financial metric, per OTC.

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