Matt Ryan Details How Colts Losses Impact His Home Life

Matt Ryan

Getty Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan appeared on The Dan Patrick Show on October 18.

Playing quarterback in the NFL can be difficult on a player’s personal life. In the social media era, it’s hard to get away from the constant criticism. But at least being at home can be an escape for quarterbacks.

Apparently, that’s not always the case, though, for Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan.

While appearing on The Dan Patrick Show on October 18, the host asked Ryan how his home life is after a rough game. The quarterback responded with a funny example of how sometimes the criticism continues even at home.

“My kids got no filter. They’ll humble you pretty good,” Ryan told Patrick. “They kind of understand what’s going on, and they understand wins and losses. And they’re like, ‘Dad, you didn’t throw any touchdowns. What’s up with that?’

“And I’m like, ‘Hey man, it’s harder than it looks.’ But it’s funny to see it. Luckily, this past week, they were fired up and excited that we won.”

Matty Ice and the Ice Cubes

The Colts quarterback has a Twitter account, but the real social media entertainer in the family is his wife, Sarah Ryan. Many of her posts on Twitter and Instagram feature the couple’s twins boys, who are four and a half years old and appropriately nicknamed, “the ice cubes.”

Some of her posts are absolutely hilarious. Such as this video posted on a few days after Christmas last year. One of the twins was playing with his new headset, pretending to be his Dad’s coach. Ryan wasn’t pleased when his pretend coach called a timeout after a play mixup.

Fox Sports did a segment on the social media video during the Atlanta FalconsBuffalo Bills matchup in Week 17 last year.

When Ryan joined the Colts this past offseason, the Ice Cubes quickly traded in the red and black for blue and white.

After the Colts selected Alec Pierce in the second round of the 2022 NFL draft, the twins helped Ryan welcome the receiver to Indianapolis.

It’s no wonder Ryan receives some flak from his sons after a game where he doesn’t throw a touchdown pass. Those kids are so cute, they could get away with murder.

Maybe one day, “the ice cubes” will understand that even though Ryan has failed to throw a touchdown in a game twice over his first six contests with the Colts, their dad still has 375 career touchdown passes and counting.

Ryan Leads NFL in Unusual Stat

During the interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Ryan and the host also touched upon more serious topics. Most notably, they discussed one of the most analyzed topics this fall — roughing the passer penalties.

Patrick said that Ryan leads the NFL with 29 roughing the passer penalties over the last five years. That’s nearly twice as many as the 15 roughing the passer fouls Tom Brady, who has the reputation for receiving partial treatment from the NFL officials, has drawn.

Although the penalties help move the sticks, Ryan didn’t take that stat as a positive.

“I’m not sure that’s a good thing though because it means that you are getting hit,” said Ryan.

Interestingly, Ryan pointed to the ground, and not the hits, as the biggest issue with quarterback injuries. That was the case for Miami Dolphins signal caller Tua Tagovailoa, who didn’t suffer a huge hit from a defender, but hit his head twice on the field in the span of five days during Weeks 3 and 4. Tagovailoa hasn’t played since then because of a concussion.

Ryan told Patrick he prefers grass playing surfaces, but he also said any forceable hit into the ground is going to hurt.

“When you are getting taken down into it, you don’t know the difference of whether or not you are on turf or grass,” Ryan said. “It just hurts.”

Check out Ryan’s full interview on The Dan Patrick Show.

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