Chiefs’ Chris Jones Breaks Silence on Contract Holdout & Week 1 Status

Getty Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones.

For the first time since his contract holdout began in June, Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro defensive tackle Chris Jones spoke to the media at an event in partnership with McDonald’s at RMHC Kansas City on September 6.

During his session with the media, Jones, 29, was asked if he feels he has let the team down by extending his holdout into the regular season.

“How? That’s what I gotta answer. How have I let them down? It’s just like when you’re at a job and you ask for an extension, right, and you ask for a raise, right? You’re not letting anyone down,” Jones said via NFL Media’s James Palmer. “Who are you letting down for asking your boss for a raise, right? So when you take the personal feelings out of it, all I’m doing is asking for a raise.”

As for where things stand right now in his negotiations with the Chiefs, Jones didn’t provide any updates. But he did make one thing clear, as he has many times in the past:

He wants to be a Chief for life.

“I can’t really talk about it. Hopefully, it gets worked out,” Jones said via Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star. “It’s always been my goal to be a Kansas City Chief for life. I’ve said that multiple times on social media platforms, from interviews, and they (the Chiefs) know where my position is at, and hopefully we can get something worked out.”

Chris Jones’ Holdout Has Been ‘Peaceful’

Chris Jones described his holdout as “peaceful” when asked if the process of him holding out for a new contract has been stressful to him.

“It’s been okay — peaceful for me,” Jones said of his holdout via Sam McDowell. “I’ve been in Miami just training, staying focused, [and] understanding that this is a process.”

Despite the time away from the team, which Jones acknowledged will impact his camaraderie with his new teammates, he said he’s ready to play whenever a deal gets done.

“I’ll be ready when the time calls,” Jones said.

In terms of his status for Kansas City’s September 7 regular season opener against the Detroit Lions on Thursday Night Football, Jones didn’t rule out playing in the game.

“I could be playing, I could be on the sideline, I don’t know,” Jones said via McDowell.

Twitter Reacts to Chris Jones’ Media Availability

Users on Twitter — which was recently rebranded to “X” — reacted to Chris Jones’ first media availability since his contract holdout began.

“If you don’t come to work until you get your raise, you ARE letting them down. Someone has to fill that void you leave,” one user wrote. “I’m sure your teammates would feel a lot better with you out there vs a guy without your talents (although they may not admit that).”

“We don’t let our team down by asking for a raise. But if we don’t come to work to fulfill our role, and someone else has to do that job, then we are letting our teams down,” another user wrote.

“All I have to say is chris Jones please stop with the long hold out and accept whatever contract we give you cause we really do need you when we go against the Detroit lions please come back for the game opener please and thank you,” another user wrote.