Travis Kelce’s Mom Didn’t Make ‘Calculating’ Move With Taylor Swift

Donna Kelce, Taylor Swift

Getty Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift at M&T Bank Stadium on January 28, 2024.

Another year, and another Super Bowl in which Donna Kelce gets to watch her son play in the big game.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce‘s mother is already a star in her own right. However, her son’s relationship with Taylor Swift has thrust an even bigger spotlight on Mama Kelce.

Speaking to The TODAY Show on February 7, Donna was asked about the new cover photo on her Facebook profile. The picture, originally posted by Kelce’s friend, Ross Travis, on Instagram, shows Donna, Swift, and a whole crew of friends celebrating the Chiefs 17-10 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

One of the hosts asked Donna why she switched out her Facebook photo, which features Swift “quite prominently.” He wanted to know if the move was indicative of her growing relationship with Swift.

Mama Kelce downplayed the need to dissect the picture. “You know, really, that was a picture where all of us were so excited that we were in the suite. And we were so excited that they made it to the Super Bowl that we just took a shot of everybody that was there!” Donna said. “So, it wasn’t anything calculating or anything like that.

“It just was everybody who was supporting my son and I was so happy to put that picture on Facebook.” When asked if she has taken some selfies with Swift, Donna blushes a bit. “I have a few here and there,” she said.

Over the past six months, Donna has bonded with Swift. Ahead of the AFC Championship game, Donna gave Swift an “87” ring that she received from EB and CO.

The store’s owner, Emily Bordner, told KMBC, “We gifted Donna some pairs. We know that she loved our earrings. And so, we wanted to gift her even more of Kelce-themed products. So, we sent those to her and then we were hoping that she would give them to Taylor. And she did.”

Donna Kelce Isn’t Sure if She’ll Be Sitting Next to Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

Donna Kelce, Taylor Swift

GettyTaylor Swift (L) and Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, at Arrowhead Stadium on October 12, 2023.

While Donna has been a fixture next to Swift at several Chiefs games this season, they might sit apart on February 11. “Well, you can understand that the boxes in Vegas are multi-million dollars,” Donna said. “So I have a feeling I’m not in a box, I have a feeling I’m in the stands. As far as I know, I’m in the stands with everybody else because it is a pricey Super Bowl,” she continued.

Suites at Allegiant Stadium range from $1.4 million to $2.5 million. One Owner’s Club Suite is still available, which includes 20 tickets, two parking passes, and a food and beverage package, costs $1.8 million Premium Loge seats cost $300,000, which includes eight tickets and a food package.

With a security detail, it’s hard to imagine Swift sitting in the stands. However, if the billionaire artist or Kelce purchases a suite, it’s also hard to imagine Donna not being included in the crew.

Either way, Donna is just thrilled to be there. “It’s going to be a dream,” she said. “To go back-to-back like this, I’m really excited.”

Donna Kelce Said She Texts Her Sons the Night Before the Super Bowl

The TODAY Show asked Donna if she planned to give Kelce a pep talk before the big game, however, the 71-year-old mother of two NFL stars tries to keep her distance. Last year, the Chiefs defeated Jason Kelce‘s Philadelphia Eagles for the Lombardi Trophy.

“I try not to bother them on game day because they’re a little busy,” Donna said, “and I don’t think I’m going to get through. “But usually I try. Like the night before I will text my sons and will give them a little encouragement, send them a little funny picture when they were younger, depending on what team they were playing with. So I go back and… a little nostalgia.”

Donna also admits not having both sons playing in the Super Bowl makes the entire experience way less stressful.

“Last year, I was pretty much working the whole time, but it was a blast!… But this year, I’m gonna take it a little easier, be more relaxing, except for the game… It should be fun.”