Ex-Chiefs Pro Bowler Points Blame for Harrison Butker’s Missed Kicks

Getty Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker (#7) and punter Tommy Townsend (#5).

A former Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowler is pointing the blame elsewhere for Harrison Butker’s missed kicks against the Houston Texans in Week 15.

“He’s an exceptional punter….If you look back at the holds on the extra point, the #laces are facing the sidelines, and on the missed 50+ yarder he pulled the ball to him at the last second and forced the ball to go to the right -he’s been missing the spot all year,” former Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt wrote in response to a Twitter user criticizing Butker’s Week 15 efforts.

Colquitt was drafted by Kansas City in the third round in 2005 and stayed with the team until 2019, earning 2 Pro Bowl nods and one second-team All-Pro nod during that timeframe. The punter Colquitt was referring to in his tweet was Tommy Townsend, who Colquitt believes is the reason for Butker’s missed kicks.

In the 30-24 overtime victory over Houston, Butker had two missed kicks. The first one was a missed point after attempt just before halftime that would have tied the game at 14 each.

The second miss came at the end of regulation from 51 yards out. If the attempt was made, the Chiefs would have won the game in regulation. But Butker missed it wide right.

Colquitt Points Blame at Townsend

Colquitt continued defending Butker and pointing blame at Townsend for the missed kicks.

“Watch the holds & try saying that again…on the extra point the laces [are] facing the sidelines…[Tommy Townsend has] screwed him all year,” Colquitt wrote to Soren Petro of The Program.

One user also posted side-by-side screenshots of what is allegedly a made and missed point after attempt from the Chiefs-Texans game by Butker. The made PAT shows the ball being held by Townsend with the laces facing the endzone. The missed PAT shows Townsend holding the ball with the laces facing toward the sideline.

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Holding the ball in different ways will absolutely impact how the ball is kicked. So, if Townsend is actually being inconsistent with his place-holding to the detriment of Butker, then it needs to be addressed immediately.

Andy Reid Reacts to Chiefs-Texans Game

Along with giving his thoughts on Butker’s performance, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid gave his thoughts on the overtime win for Kansas City in Week 15.

“Listen, our fans were unbelievable today. I think we had more fans than maybe what the Texans had,” Reid said during his postgame presser on December 18. “It was great to see all that red, and I think that helped us with the support down in that overtime. It was a weird game. My hat goes off to Lovie (Smith) for the great job he’s done here. I mean, you’ve seen it the last two weeks. It’s a hard job, and it takes time as a head coach. Lovie, my word of advice is just give him time. He’s a tremendous football coach. I’ve had a chance to compete against him for a number of years and just rock-solid football teams.

“The thing I was proudest about our guys was they kept playing. They didn’t let anything hinder them, whether it was calls, whether it was fumbles, whatever. They kept playing.”

Next up for the Chiefs is a Christmas Eve home game against the Seattle Seahawks. Kickoff is at 12 p.m. Central Time. The game will be available to watch on Fox.

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