2 Chiefs Pass Rushers Sound off on Tom Brady in Hilarious Rant

Tom Brady Bucs Chiefs

Getty Bucs QB Tom Brady will face off with the Chiefs for the second time this season on Sunday.

From time to time, Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark has been known to give an epic football rant. The two-time Pro Bowler delivered the goods again this week, just days away from lining up against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Clark began a hilarious rant about an underrated aspect of Brady’s skill set and longevity in the NFL: his shoulders.

“He got these shoulders. Have you ever seen Tom Brady’s shoulders when he in that pocket,” Clark chuckled, via Sports Radio 810 in Kansas City. C’mon man, y’all got to pull the film up for this one. Y’all got to attach the film to this video because his shoulders be crazy sometimes. I don’t know, Tom Brady’s like, what, 43? I ain’t got nothing against nobody of 43-year-old age range, around that age. But, man, to be able to move his shoulders like that playing in the league for about 20, 30-something years — for him to be able to move his shoulders like that still is quite amazing.”

Fortunately for fans everywhere, that was only the beginning of an epic 0:58 seconds worth of shoulder talk.

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Clark Compares Brady to Deshaun Watson

Clark isn’t the only Chiefs pass rusher keen on Brady’s slick maneuvering. Fifth-year defensive tackle Chris Jones has had personal experience with the all-elusive shoulders of the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

“Me and Chris Jones talk about that all the time,” Clark continued. “I think Chris missed a sack because he like shimmied them shoulders a certain kind of way. Chris like completely missed him. He was like, ‘Man I don’t know how I missed Tom Brady.’ It’s nothing against [Brady], but he’s not an escape artist.”

If that wasn’t enough, Clark later went on to compare Brady’s subtle pocket movements to those of Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson — one of the few times it’s probably fair to do so.

“Honestly, sometimes he’s just as good as Deshaun Watson,” Clark said. “I think Deshaun Watson the best. You watch Tom Brady sometimes in that pocket and you can’t really tell the difference.”

To experience the full effect, take a look at Clark’s playful response in video form.

Jones Chimes in on Brady’s Shoulders, Missed Sack in 2019

During Jones’ time with reporters on Thursday, the topic of Brady’s shoulders resurfaced, and he made sure his feelings on the matter were also known. The result was a follow-up response that may have been funnier than Clark’s before it.

“Listen, Tom Brady doesn’t have the best feet, but those shoulders, are ridiculous,” Jones exclaimed during his Thursday media availability, via Nick Jacobs of 41 Actions News in Kansas City. “It’s hard to get to him because he can move his shoulders in ways that’s like when you’re skating — you know how your body is moving in different ways — he can move his shoulders like that.

As for the missed sack that Clark dragged him for? Blame it on the shoulders, too.

“I actually got broken off by Tom Brady,” Jones admitted on Thursday. “His last year in New England, I was going to make a sack and he dipped his right shoulder and got out of the sack. Tom Brady is slithery with those shoulders. He’s dangerous. That’s why it’s so hard to get to him. He don’t really take big hits. If he sees you coming he’ll go down, but if you don’t have a good hit on him he’ll dip those shoulders like no other. He’s dangerous with those shoulders, he’s very dangerous. His pocket awareness is up there.”

Hence begins #ShoulderGate.


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