Ex-Chiefs RB Gets in Nasty Dispute With Former Heisman Winner [LOOK]

Getty Baltimore Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The Week 5, Thursday Night Football matchup between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts was an offensive nightmare. The result of the game was a 12-9 overtime victory for the Colts, and all of the points scored from either team were from field goals.

Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who Denver traded for this offseason and gave a $245 million extension to, completed 21-of-39 pass attempts for 274 yards and had 2 interceptions against Indy. The loss dropped the record of the Kansas City Chiefs’ division rival to 2-3 on the season, which currently has them sitting in third place in the AFC West.

During the game, former Heisman Trophy winner, second overall pick in the NFL, and college football analyst Robert Griffin III took to Twitter to throw some shade at Wilson. He did so by posting a picture of one of Wilson’s teammates looking at Wilson on the bench during the game with the caption, “Caption this…”

Former NFL running back LeSean McCoy, who played for the Chiefs during the 2019 season and was a two-time All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowler during his career, clapped back at Griffin, who had a 16-26 record during his career and did not live up to the hype of a 2nd overall pick in the NFL.

“Damn bro take it easy on him lol you experience this moment a lot more than Russ,” McCoy wrote.

Things Get Ugly Between McCoy, Griffin

Griffin pulled out the stat book once he saw McCoy throwing shade at him.

“Dang you still mad at me for out rushing you in a game? Or was it that I had more rushing touchdowns than you had rushing and receiving that year? Or for knocking yal out of playoff contention in 2014? You had a great career. Without injuries I would have had a better one,” Griffin wrote.

McCoy responded by posting some stats of his own.

“Would of could of BUT these are your NUMBERS (let RG3 COOK),” McCoy wrote, along with several laughing emojis and a screenshot of Griffin’s career passing numbers. 

Hall of Famer Tries to Break Up Dispute

NFL Hall of Famer and head coach of the Jackson State football team, Deion Sanders, took to Twitter to try to end the dispute between McCoy and Griffin.

“Okay fellas that’s enough! We love both of y’all and both of y’all were truly dominant. Let’s show love and not display hate. That lil sparring match was funny tho. But enough,” he wrote.

Griffin responded, “I didn’t see this until I tweeted my response so out of respect for you @DeionSanders I will put my cook book away.”

But McCoy wasn’t done with Griffin just yet.

“Wow PRIME dominant OG u kno @RGIII was TRASH he got like 5k yards… If he played in your division they would of gave you a diamond JACKET,” McCoy wrote. 

Griffin finally ended the dispute by writing, “The OG @DeionSanders asked me to put my cook book away and I will show him the respect he has earned. To @CutonDime25 I wish you the best and God bless.”

Sanders then showed some love towards Griffin.

“Lolol love ya man!” he wrote.

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