Tyrann Mathieu Blasts Chiefs Reporter for ‘Lie’ About Sideline Comments

Getty Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu.

After the Kansas City Chiefs‘ 27-3 blowout loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 7, drama ensued.

Fox 4 News’s Harold R. Kuntz shared alleged comments made by Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu towards some Titans fans.

“No video .. but While chasing Mahomes… Tyrann Mathieu turn around to some Titans fans in the crowd and said to them. ‘Go sit on a [expletive]’,” Kuntz wrote on Twitter.

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Mathieu very soon after put Kuntz on blast, saying that Kuntz’s statement was a lie.

“I never said that. This is a lie!” Mathieu wrote.

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Mathieu was taken back by Kuntz’s tweet.

“I can’t believe this dude lied on me,” he wrote under his original tweet.

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Kuntz, however, doubled down on his report.

“I’ll say this once .. I’ve talked to Chiefs staff .. I and another photographer heard him say those words as he turned around to some fans. Tyrann approached team staff and afterward and assured them he did not say that,” he wrote. 

However, Kuntz apologized for sharing the info on Twitter.

“I am standing by what I heard, but I should not have tweeted it, in hindsight,” he wrote. “It was a frustrating game but should not have shared that info on social. For this, I apologize.”

Chiefs Spiraling Out of Control

Regardless of whether Mathieu actually made those comments to Titans fans, the situation being presented highlights how out of control the defending AFC champions’ season is getting.

After coming into the season as Super Bowl favorites, Kansas City now sits at 3-4 on the season and has suffered their worse loss of the Patrick Mahomes era in Week 7. Once again, their defense looked hopeless, giving up 369 yards of total offense to the Titans along with over 36 minutes of time of possession, per ESPN. The offense did what they’ve done frequently this season — turn the ball over — by way of two fumbles and an interception.

Fans React on Twitter

Following the loss, Chiefs Kingdom took to Twitter to voice their frustrations regarding this year’s Kansas City squad.

“This Chiefs team/organization is a long ways from a dynasty that everyone said we’d be,” wrote Adam Clay.

“This was embarrassing all the way around! 3-4 it happens! You can’t win them all! This may be a long season for us. But we’ve been through worse! Remember that! Trust the process and figure it out!,” wrote Joe Mitchell. 

“Well, I guess keeping the Titans scoreless in the 2nd half was something, even though they were in run the clock out mode,” wrote Charlie Jones.

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“To all saying they are a “realist” and Andy needs to go, or trade Jones & Tyrann,” EVERYBODY PANIC wrote. “You’re no realist. We are 3-4. A realist could remember 1-5 to 11-5 in 2015 & the fact that we have been to the last 3 AFC Championships. Things aren’t going well, but we’ll be ok!”

“I’ve not watched or followed an NFL team every week (or really at all) in several years, I’d only watch the Conference Championship and Super Bowl,” Jeremy A. Boye wrote. “So, I thought this year I’d try and make an effort to bandwagon the Chiefs Kingdom with seemingly everyone else…”


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