High-Profile Free Agent Shows Interest in Chiefs: ‘We See Eye to Eye’

Getty Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

One high-profile NFL player that remains a free agent through four weeks of the regular season is former All-Pro receiver, Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham, who tore his ACL in the Super Bowl earlier this year as a member of the Los Angeles Rams, isn’t expected to be cleared to play until “at least” November, according to Jeff Howe of The Athletic. Despite that, he has apparently been making his rounds around the NFL by visiting friends on different teams but not officially holding a visit with any teams. This was revealed by Buffalo Bills All-Pro Von Miller, who is close friends with Beckham.

“Von Miller said that he talks to Odell Beckham Jr. every week and that he’s sure the WR could see himself fitting in with the Bills,” according to ESPN’s Alaina Getzenberg on October 5. “Miller said OBJ ‘is going on tour now. He’s going to Giants practice facility, and the Saints, Tampa, and all that stuff, which you should.'”

But there’s one team not mentioned as part of Beckham’s tour that he recently said he’s still interested in joining forces with: the Kansas City Chiefs.

Beckham Expresses Interest in Chiefs

In a Twitter exchange with former NFL player and ESPN analyst Marcus Spears, Beckham asked Spears to name five teams he would be a good fit for. Spears named the Chiefs, Rams, Bills, Green Bay Packers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Beckham responded to Spears’ list of teams by writing, “we see eye to eye.”

Twitter Reacts to Odell’s Teams of Interest

Twitter users reacted to Beckham’s teams of interest.

@obj goes to KC then KC become the favorites easily,” one Twitter user wrote. “If he goes to GB he’s the focus of every defense. He goes to KC then who is the D focusing on him or Kelce? Not to mention the other WRs getting open for KC too. No brainer if he wants to win and #ChiefsKingdom is 2nd to none.”

@obj the rams need u and want u back ain’t no point (in) playing in the cold in Buffalo or green bay our @RamsNFL getting all the hiccups out the way now so we can make this late season push n jus waitin for u so you can be superbowl mvp this time like you was before the injury,” another user wrote.

“I just feel like KC or GB makes so much sense and would be the most fun. Buff also but not as much bc they already got their wr1,” another user wrote.

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“KC would be an excellent choice. RAMS would be great option because he knows the playbook. It’s obvious the Rams miss him,” another user wrote.

“Baltimore don’t value WRs.. the only WRs they’re interested in having are the ones they can get for pennies on the dollar,” another user wrote. “Hollywood (Brown) wanted out because he saw the writing on the wall. Bateman will also request a trade at some point.”

“Tampa NEEDS YOU WHEN YOU READY! You want to play with the there is a big spot open big dawg @obj Mike Chris Julio Russell and OBJ!! LFG! Last chance to play with TB12!?” another user wrote.

“You know you could bring explosiveness to the packers and coach up (Romeo) doubs and get another ring in GB,” another user wrote.

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