Patrick Mahomes ‘Pleasantly Surprised’ by New Chiefs WR’s Route Running

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been holding throwing sessions with new Chiefs wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, along with several other Kansas City pass catchers, in Dallas, Texas.

On April 15, which marked the first day of Kansas City’s offseason program, Mahomes was asked about Brown and said he is “pleasantly surprised” by one aspect of Brown’s game.

“I think everybody has seen his speed and the way he’s able to track a football down the field which we’ll obviously use, that’s something that’s huge and we need to continue to get better and better at this offense,” Mahomes said of Brown during his press conference.

“I think the route running is what I’ve been pleasantly surprised by,” Mahomes continued. “Just the way he’s able to get in and out of his cuts, he has a good feel for space and like I said he wants to learn more and more, so I think as he gets within our offense and learns how with the freedom you have and the route running and your ability to find space I think we can utilize that over the middle of the field. I know he’s done that in the past but I think we utilize it at an even higher load so I think it’ll be something that we can really emphasize in our offense.”

Hollywood Brown is Entering Prove-It Year With Chiefs

Hopefully, Brown can turn his strong route running into strong production on the field, as the trajectory of the remainder of his NFL career depends on how he performs during the 2024 season.

After two injury-riddled seasons in which he failed to amass 750 receiving yards in either season, Brown is entering a prove-it year with the Chiefs. If he can put together another 1,000-yard season, he might be able to get a multi-year deal from the Chiefs or another team in 2025. But if injuries continue to impact his play on the field, then he might struggle to find a long-term home in the NFL moving forward.

Luckily, Brown will be catching passes from the best quarterback in the league now, which bodes well for an increased level of production next season.

“From the outside looking in he seems like a guy that is very passionate, and I’m a very
passionate person,” Brown said of Mahomes during his introductory press conference on March 18. “He wants to win, (he’ll) do everything necessary to win. That’s somebody you want to play with, you want to play with someone who will bring the best out of you that’s going to push your game to the next level. I feel like he’s definitely one of those types of guys.”

Patrick Mahomes Talks Benefits of Throwing Sessions in Texas

During his April 15 press conference, Mahomes discussed the benefits of the throwing sessions he holds in Texas during the offseason.

“I think what helps me the most is that I get to hear what (my teammates) are thinking, and when they’re really going,” Mahomes explained. “I think sometimes when the coaches are around they want to do exactly what the coach says which is the right thinking but whenever I can hear what they’re thinking whenever they’re running their route it helps me know where they’re going to be at and what their timing is going to be and that’s something that I try to do during the year but there’s kind of a lot of things that you’re worried about during the season or trying to do just how the coaches say. When I can hear them and we talk it through and we hear from the coaches, we can all be on the same page.”

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