Ex-Chiefs LB Arrested After Altercation in Starbucks Drive-Thru: Report

Getty Former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Terrell Suggs.

Former NFL linebacker Terrell Suggs was arrested April 9 in Scottsdale, Arizona, following an altercation in a Starbucks drive-thru, according to NFL Media.

Per NFL Media, who obtained the police records for the incident, Suggs, 41, was “driving a black Range Rover that had driven past the drive-thru order area. Upon backing his vehicle up, Suggs allegedly made contact with another vehicle. While there was no damage to the vehicle, an argument ensued, per the report. According to police, a second argument ensued as Suggs left the Starbucks, and Suggs allegedly threatened to kill the alleged victim and brandished a handgun in his left hand.”

Suggs did not point the weapon at the other driver, but the other driver believed he was being threatened, according to the police records obtained by NFL Media.

“I was in a quiet area of Scottsdale in the middle of the day in a Starbucks drive-thru near my home when an incident happened with a vehicle behind me. I was getting coffee. I was not looking for any trouble,” Suggs told TMZ Sports on April 10.

“When the man in the other vehicle escalated the situation, I feared for my safety not knowing what his intentions were,” Suggs said, according to TMZ. “Throughout the incident, I was the one who felt in danger, while fearing I would be followed home and for the safety of my family nearby at my residence.”

Terrell Suggs Had a Very Brief Stint With the Chiefs

Suggs, a seven-time Pro Bowler and four-time All-Pro, played 17 seasons in the NFL, including 16 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and one season split between the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs. He was named the Associated Press’ Defensive Player of the Year for the 2011 season.

Suggs played five total games for the Chiefs during the 2019 season and was part of their Super Bowl-winning roster.

During his career, Suggs accumulated 630 tackles, 200 quarterback hits, 139 sacks and 37 forced fumbles.

Police Issue Warrants for Chiefs WR Rashee Rice

Dallas police told ESPN on April 10 that arrest warrants had been issued for Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice following his involvement in a multi-car crash on March 30.

The warrants are for one count of aggravated assault, one count of collision involving serious bodily injury, and six counts of collision involving injury, per ESPN.

Users on X, formerly Twitter, reacted to the new update on Rice.

“OK, Rashee Rice made a mistake. Impulse control happens at around age 25,” one user wrote. “Too much money and not enough maturity. Yes, leaving the scene shows very poor character. Very poor. He’s lucky that no one was killed. This is serious but fixable. I hope he develops a conscious. I hope he grows up. Maybe then he’ll be more responsible and a better human being. Sure, the NFL should fine him and the Chiefs will address this as well.”

“I don’t think bro is a bad person I think he just made some bad choices in life. I hope he gets the books thrown at him in court and learns from this and grows,” another user wrote.

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