Tyreek Hill Prefers Dolphins Over Chiefs for Key Post-Career Accolade

Getty Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

Miami Dolphins All-Pro receiver Tyreek Hill, formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs, has done his fair share of trolling toward Chiefs Kingdom since he was traded by Kansas City in March 2022. But his latest remarks about the Chiefs might be his best troll job yet.

That’s if he’s joking, of course.

Speaking to the media at Dolphins training camp on Wednesday, July 26, Hill said that after his career is over he wants to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a Dolphin, not a Chief, according to All Dolphins’ Alain Poupart.

Why Tyreek Hill’s Comment Don’t Carry Any Weight

Tyreek Hill was drafted in the sixth round by the Chiefs in 2016 and went on to be a six-time Pro Bowler, three-time All-Pro, and a Super Bowl champion with Kansas City. During that same timespan he registered 479 receptions, 6,630 receiving yards, and 56 touchdowns during the regular season, and 84 receptions for 1,081 yards and 5 touchdowns during the postseason per Pro Football Reference.

Yet after one season with the Dolphins — which included career-highs in receptions (119) and receiving yards (1,710) but was still just one season — Hill one day wants to be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Dolphin.

It’s worth noting Hill said this offseason he wants to retire after the 2025 season. If that’s true, then he has three seasons left in the NFL. But four seasons with the Dolphins — no matter what he accomplishes during his tenure in Miami — won’t surmount what he was able to accomplish during his seven seasons with the Chiefs.

It’s also worth noting that players that are inducted into the Hall of Fame aren’t inducted as a member of any particular NFL team. Players might be pictured in a specific team’s gear prior to, during, or after they are inducted. But the only reason a player’s team(s) is mentioned on their bust is to detail when they played for that team, and they are listed in chronological order.

So, Hill choosing the Dolphins over the Chiefs in this situation doesn’t carry much weight.

But let’s be honest — what was Hill supposed to say? Standing in front of Dolphins media and in front of a Dolphins backdrop, it would have been even harsher for Hill to have chosen the Chiefs over the Dolphins while he’s part of Miami’s club.

Hill knew his crowd and responded accordingly.

Twitter Reacts to Tyreek Hill’s Comments

Users on Twitter — which has recently been rebranded to “X” — reacted to Tyreek Hill’s comments on wanting to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a Dolphin.

“So is he going to just not wear his only Super Bowl ring because he won it with the Chiefs?” one Twitter user wrote.

“Tyreek thinks about being a Chief EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. SO FREAKING BOTHERED!” another user wrote.

“If he wanted to be a HoF player he’d have stayed with the Chiefs. But he pushed his way out chasing the a few bucks and beaches over legacy,” another user wrote.

“Gotta have a hall of fame dolphins career same way he did with KC. Shouldn’t be hard for him,” another user wrote.


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