Tyreek Hill Clears Air Regarding Controversial Podcast Preview

Tyreek Hill Chiefs

Getty Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill before Super Bowl LV.

After releasing a podcast preview in which Tyreek Hill’s co-host questioned whether the Kansas City Chiefs suppressed Hill’s stats during the 2021 season, Hill has now addressed the situation with Kansas City media.

While holding a youth football camp in Kansas City over the weekend, Hill was asked about the podcast preview that has Chiefs Kingdom up in arms.

“I just feel like a bunch of people overreacted,” Hill said June 5, via Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star. “My co-host was just posing a question… People just gotta wait until the full clip comes out [to hear what I said].”

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Despite stirring the pot, Hill said he’s happy with the direction his podcast is going in.

“I feel like right now, my podcast is headed in the right direction, and I’m getting the exact reaction that I wanted from people,” he said. “I’m getting followers… I’m getting people’s panties in a wad, so I feel pretty good about that.”

When asked directly what his feelings are about whether or not the Chiefs suppressed his stats last season, Hill made his thoughts clear.

“You just gotta wait until the podcast comes out. But I will say this: they did not suppress my stats,” Hill said. “I’ve got nothing but respect from top to bottom. That’s from Andy Reid, from Patrick Mahomes, (Travis) Kelce, all them boys. I love my teammates no matter what.”

Details About Hill’s New Podcast & the Preview

Hill is starting a new podcast called “It Needed to be Said.”

Hill released a preview of the first episode, which will go live on June 10, which featured Hill, his co-host, Julius Collins, and Hill’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, discussing Hill’s departure from Kansas City. While Rosenhaus was detailing how he approached the Chiefs in negotiations for a contract extension, Hill emphasized several times one thing Rosenhaus said:

“Tyreek wants to stay in KC.”

Despite the Chiefs being “aggressive” with a contract extension offer to Hill, the veteran pass-catcher wanted more money, which is why Kansas City traded him. So there’s not a lot of supporting evidence to back Hill’s claim.

Collins Questions if Chiefs Suppressed Hill’s Stats

While discussing Hill’s departure from Kansas City in the podcast preview, Collins asks if the Chiefs potentially suppressed Hill’s stats during the 2021 season in order to make him more affordable when it came time to discuss an extension.

Before Hill or Rosenhaus could address Collins’ question, the preview ends. We’ll have to wait until June 10 to hear their responses.

Twitter users reacted to the preview of Hill’s new podcast.

“KC will always be thankful to Tyreek for his contributions. The Dolphins got a great WR and the Chiefs used Tyreek’s money/ compensation and used it on a great FA haul and talented draft class,” one Twitter user wrote.

“So many things I’m not understanding. Kc offered u an extension, if u weren’t ‘demanding’ $$, why not sign it? Hill led the chiefs in nearly every receiving category, how is that suppressing stats? And if kc wanted to trade him, they would want his best year for the most value,” another user wrote.

“Suppress stats? Why would you want to stay with a team if they were surpressing your stats. Bruh, no one is going to look at you sideways because you chased the biggest bag but don’t start saying shit out of pocket like KC didn’t value you lmao…” another user wrote.


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