Insider Hints Josh McDaniels Could Be Interested in Former No. 1 Pick QB

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Getty Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels.

The Las Vegas Raiders may be essentially out of the playoff race but there’s still a lot that a number of players have left to play for. There will be a large focus on quarterback Derek Carr in the coming weeks. The veteran quarterback has looked good at times this year but isn’t having nearly the season that was expected from him.

Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal just dropped a report that suggested it could be “inevitable” that this is Carr’s last season with the Raiders. If that’s the case, the team will need a plan on how to replace him. There’s one player who could be a short-term option. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio spoke about Carr’s future with the team and hinted that head coach Josh McDaniels could want to take a look at Baker Mayfield in the offseason, who just beat the Raiders in his first game with the Los Angeles Rams.

“When you look at what Baker Mayfield did last week and when you consider he’s going to be a free agent eligible for anyone to sign him and Josh McDaniels worked him out before the 2018 draft and McDaniels saw what that guy did, and he saw the lift and the energy he brought to the team. Real, organic, uncontrived energy,” Florio said on “Chris Simms Unbuttoned.” “If I’m Derek Carr, I’m getting a little concerned.”

Would Mayfield Be an Upgrade Over Carr?

It’s important to note that Florio has always had it out for Carr. He even accused the quarterback of faking tears after the Indianapolis Colts loss. He’ll always be the first to go negative when discussing Carr. However, there’s validity to the idea that McDaniels will want to make a change. Is Mayfield the right player for that? Most likely not.

Mayfield got hot at the end of the game against the Raiders last week but looked terrible for most of the game. He’s also been a bad quarterback for two years now. He had stretches early in his career where he looked like a future star but that was a long time ago. Mayfield would be an interesting player to come in and be a backup but there’s no way the Raiders should entrust him with a starting job. Carr is a better quarterback and a better leader. There’s no reason to believe Mayfield would be an upgrade.

Carr’s Future Has Been in Doubt for Years

Bonsignore’s report was notable due to the fact that he’s a beat writer who is in the Raiders’ facilities almost every day. He wouldn’t report such big news if he didn’t have good sourcing on it. That said, Carr’s future has been in doubt for years but he always ends up coming back. He could feasibly get hot over these last four games and squash any rumors about his future.

If he looks bad, that could seal his fate. What’s working against Carr is that owner Mark Davis could step in. He was hands-off with the team when Jon Gruden was the coach but he’s been more involved since hiring McDaniels. He could end up forcing the issue and try to go after a bigger name. The only way that won’t be a factor is if Carr steps up.

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