Davante Adams Sends out Cryptic Message Following Jimmy Garoppolo News

davante adams

Getty Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams.

Opinions are varied on the Las Vegas Raiders‘ decision to sign quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. It’s understandable why head coach Josh McDaniels would add a quarterback he’s familiar with but it’s fair to question if he provides any sort of upgrade over Derek Carr. Perhaps the person whose opinion matters the most is wide receiver Davante Adams.

The six-time Pro Bowler left the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers to play with Carr. Not only is he no longer going to play with Carr, but he now he’s getting a perceived downgrade at quarterback. He hasn’t directly addressed the Garoppolo news but he decided to post an odd message on his Instagram story.

“If we haven’t talked in the last 3 weeks don’t hit me about this sh**. Thanks,” Adams wrote in the post.

Now, this could be referencing any number of things. His comments could have nothing to do with football. However, it is notable that he would post a message like this just hours after Garoppolo was signed. The comments don’t take a shot or anything. He’s simply saying that if somebody isn’t regularly communicating with him, then they shouldn’t be hitting up regarding big news that involves him.

Is Adams Unhappy With the Signing?

Following Carr’s benching during the season, Adams made it clear that he wasn’t going to leave the Raiders. He also said he’d be involved in the quarterback search. Adams had made it known that he’d love for the team to trade for Rodgers. That isn’t going to happen anymore. It’s hard to imagine Garoppolo was at the top of his list but he was an obvious candidate to replace Carr after he was released.

Adams had to have known this was a real possibility and the Raiders should have kept him in the loop. Las Vegas never seemed like realistic suitors for Rodgers so it’s not like this news caught the star wide receiver by surprise. Garoppolo isn’t the most exciting quarterback but the Raiders could’ve done worse. He’s a proven winner and a capable starter. It’s entirely possible that Adams isn’t thrilled but if the team has kept him in the loop, he’ll likely feel better about the situation.

Garoppolo Not a Great Fit With Adams

Adams isn’t the fastest receiver in the NFL but he’s become one of the best in the league at making plays downfield. Though Carr wasn’t great in 2022, he was able to connect with Adams on a number of big plays. Garoppolo is one of the worst downfield throwers in the NFL.

According to The Athletic’s Ted Nguyen, the quarterback is 48th in the league in throws over 20 years since 2018. For context, Adams is third in the NFL in receptions of over 20 yards in that same time span.

Garoppolo had success with the San Francisco 49ers when he would hit receivers for short yardage and let them go to work in space. Adams is a very good runner after the catch so he can work with Garoppolo. Hunter Renfrow and Darren Waller also know how to get extra yards once they get the ball. The Raiders may not have as many flashy pass plays but the 49ers consistently had a very good offense with Garoppolo at the helm.

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