Josh McDaniels Sounds off on Possibility of Benching Derek Carr

josh mcdaniels derek carr

Getty Josh McDaniels & Derek Carr of the Las Vegas Raiders.

This season didn’t go according to plan for the Las Vegas Raiders. Derek Carr was supposed to lead a high-powered offensive attack that was going to make up for a lackluster defense. What has ended up happening is the defense and offense have been inconsistent throughout the year. When the defense plays well, the offense falters. When the offense plays well, the defense falters. The team hasn’t put together a complete performance all season.

Due to that, the Raiders are essentially out of the playoff race with two games left to play. Head coach Josh McDaniels has left a lot to be desired as an offensive playcaller but Carr hasn’t done him many favors. The quarterback is having one of the worst seasons of his career and leads the NFL with 14 interceptions. Following a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers that saw the offense put up just 10 points, McDaniels called out Carr and the passing offense.

“That’s not good enough, you know what I mean?” McDaniels said Monday. “And for us to be able to win this time of the year and be productive offensively, you have to throw the ball better than what we’ve thrown it at times here over the last month-in-a-half.”

With little left to play for over the final two weeks, McDaniels discussed the possibility of benching Carr to avoid injury and didn’t rule it out.

“I think there’s a possibility that we would do the right thing, regardless of the position, in terms of the team,” McDaniels said.

Carr Hasn’t Missed a Start Since 2017

Carr has been dealing with a back injury this season but it’s not serious enough for him to voluntarily sit out. The only reason the Raiders would want to sit him is due to his contract for next year becoming guaranteed if he suffers a serious injury. The team would be fine risking that if they knew they’d want him back next season but that might not be the case. A quarterback change is very much on the table for the Raiders.

For Carr, it’s hard to imagine he’d be thrilled if the team tries to bench him. He’s only missed two-career regular season starts since entering the NFL in 2014. The last time he missed a start was back in 2017. He’s never missed a start for a reason other than injury. It would be a tough pill to swallow if the Raiders decide they’d rather go with Jarrett Stidham.

Would Benching Carr Mean He’s Done With Raiders?

If Carr does get sent to the bench, that would be a strong sign the Raiders are going to move on from the quarterback in the offseason. If he continues to play, that bodes well for his chances of returning. This situation is something to watch in the coming days because it has serious implications for the Raiders’ future.

Stidham is more than likely not who the team plans to start in the future but it might be worth seeing what they have in him. He knows McDaniels’ system well and has never had a chance to start in an NFL game. If told he’s going to the bench, Carr is likely going to push back but it’s not his decision to make. This is a pivotal moment for McDaniels and he has to make sure he plays it right or he could set the Raiders back even more than they already have been this season.

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