Jayden Daniels-Raiders Speculation Goes Wild After Teammate’s Cryptic Comments

jayden daniels malik nabers

Getty Jayden Daniels with Malik Nabers.

Throughout much of the offseason, the Las Vegas Raiders have shown interest in former LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels. Head coach Antonio Pierce, who recruited Daniels at Arizona State, has spoken glowingly of the young quarterback, and star wide receiver Davante Adams has endorsed the idea of the team drafting him.

The only problem is that Daniels is likely going to be a top-three draft pick and the Raiders don’t make their selection until No. 13. However, there could be things happening behind the scenes. Former LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers players with Daniels and is also expected to be a top-10 pick. The two were recently on Instagram Live together when Nabers decided to drop some insight into where the quarterback might end up.

“Y’all are never going to believe it. [Jayden Daniels] might partner with his old homie,” Nabers said on an April 8 Instagram Live.

These comments caught the attention of Raiders fans as there are a couple of people involved with the team who could be considered an “old homie.” Pierce would be the most obvious person Nabers is talking about but it could also be cornerback Jack Jones, who played with Daniels at Arizona State.

Now, this is pure speculation as Daniels likely has many old friends around the NFL right now considering he spent five years in college. Regardless, there’s been a lot of filtration between Daniels and the Raiders. It’s a situation to watch.

How Las Vegas Raiders Can Get Jayden Daniels

If the Washington Commanders at No. 2 plan to draft Jayden Daniels, there’s no avenue for the Raiders to get him unless the quarterback refuses to play for them, which is unlikely. If Daniels gets past No. 2, then things get interesting.

The New England Patriots at No. 3 need a quarterback but also have many other needs. If they were to trade down with the Raiders, they’d get at least a few draft picks in return. If they’re not ready to start their quarterback clock right now, they could be a trade partner for Las Vegas.

There’s also the possibility that Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy continues to rise and gets selected before Daniels along with UNC’s Drake Maye. If Daniels is available at No. 4, the Arizona Cardinals don’t need a quarterback and could be interested in trading down with a team like the Raiders. It’ll be difficult for the Raiders to add Daniels but it’s not entirely impossible if they’re willing to pay.

Washington Commanders Likely to Take Jayden Daniels

While the Raiders will likely continue to eye Jayden Daniels until he’s drafted, it could be a moot point. According to Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd, the Commanders are planning to select Daniels.

“I’ve been told the Washington Commanders as of today would choose Jayden Daniels,” Cowherd said during the April 8 episode of “The Herd.”

There are still a few weeks before the draft so things could change. Drake Maye was widely considered the second-best quarterback in the class up until recently. It appears that Daniels has leapfrogged him on the Commanders’ draft board. If that’s true, there’s not much the Raiders can do to try and add him.

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