Josh Jacobs Endorses Rumored Raiders Trade for Star QB

josh jacobs

Getty Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs.

The Las Vegas Raiders have a pivotal decision this offseason regarding who their next quarterback will be. If they make the wrong choice, it’ll set the franchise back years. The safest bet is to go after a proven star but that also comes with risks.

Tom Brady was the early favorite before he retired. He was a logical fit due to his connection to head coach Josh McDaniels. Pro Bowl running back Josh Jacobs was originally rooting for Brady to replace to Derek Carr and was disappointed to see him retire.

“I’m not gonna lie, I was [disappointed] just because of the fact that, man, Brady is in the same category as Aaron Rodgers, for me,” Jacobs said in an interview with CBS Sports Radio’s Zach Gelb on February 9. “In terms of, it’s just guys you want to be around. Guys that you want to see how they think and how they’ve been this good for that long. And just being able to pick their brain and be able to see, ‘OK, he views this this way, or he works this way and he takes care of his body this way.’ It’s just something that I would want to be able to experience.”

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers could potentially be on the trade block if he decides against retiring in the coming weeks. Davante Adams and Darren Waller have already started recruiting the quarterback to Las Vegas. Jacobs is totally on board with the idea of Rodgers joining the team.

“I ain’t gonna lie, I feel like that would change a lot of dynamic for me,” Jacobs said of adding Rodgers. “Especially with just like the contract talks and everything. I feel like when you bring in certain guys in the building, you’re willing to do things a little differently. So it definitely would be a great day.”

Jacobs Would Take Less Money if Raiders Added Right QB

Jacobs is talking about the Raiders like it’s a foregone conclusion that he’s coming back to the team but that might not be the case. He’s headed for free agency. The team could use the franchise tag on him but that could open a whole set of issues. The Raiders would be wise to get the NFL’s leading rusher on a long-term contract and it sounds like he’d be willing to be flexible.

Jacobs admitted that he’d be willing to take a team-friendly deal if they landed the right quarterback.

“If we get the right pieces,” Jacobs said on “The Jim Rome Show.” “You know, obviously we got a quarterback situation right now. We got some guys that we need on defense and some guys up front, things like that. [But] if we get the right situation, I wouldn’t mind coming back for less or anything like that. But it’s just gotta make sense.”

Raiders Commitment From Rodgers

Rodgers has been flirting with retirement for years now. He’ll be turning 40 during the 2023 season and can’t have many more years left in the tank. Despite that, the Packers could ask for multiple first-round picks in a trade for the quarterback.

If the Raiders are going to give up even one first-round pick, they need to know that they’re going to have Rodgers for at least two seasons. One season of Rodgers on a team that has serious defensive issues isn’t going to get the team to the Super Bowl. They need at least two to three years to build a Super Bowl roster. Adding Rodgers isn’t a cure-all for the team’s woes.
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