Former Scout Says Tom Brady on Raiders Would’ve Been a Disaster

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Getty Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady.

UFC president Dana White caused a media firestorm recently when he revealed that he helped broker a deal to have Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski sign with the Las Vegas Raiders. While it was apparently close to happening, former head coach Jon Gruden pulled out at the last minute. Had the deal gone through, the NFL landscape would look vastly different right now.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl for the 2020 season and Davante Adams wouldn’t be with the Raiders. It’s even possible that Gruden is still coaching the team. Many have taken the news as a reason to bash Gruden for poor decision-making. However, he may have actually made the right decision.

It’s hard to see a scenario where Brady had the same success with the Raiders as he did with Tampa Bay. Heading into 2020, the Raiders weren’t nearly as hyped as they are heading into 2022. Former NFL scout John Middlekauff believes that it was better for both sides that the deal didn’t happen.

“I mean, Jon would’ve gotten fired still, it would’ve been a disaster,” Middlekauff said the “Haberman & Middlekauff” podcast.

Middlekauff then praised Raiders owner Mark Davis for allowing Gruden to make the decision.

“I don’t think it would’ve worked at all. I think it would’ve been a disaster,” Middlekauff said. “Best thing that Mark Davis did was allow Jon Gruden to say no on it.”

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Would Brady to the Raiders Truly Have Been a Disaster?

The 2020 Raiders were not ready to compete for a Super Bowl, even with Brady. They started two rookie wide receivers who are no longer with the team in Henry Ruggs and Bryan Edwards. The defense was also among the worst in the NFL. There’s also the fact that Brady likes to have a lot of control over playcalling and the offense. Gruden isn’t one to give up power easily. The two would’ve undoubtedly clashed.

Now, there is a scenario where it doesn’t work out and Brady’s presence on the team would have helped them avoid a lot of the issues they have. There’s a strong possibility that the Raiders would’ve at least been better with him on the team.

Raiders Future Is Better Off

Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history and would’ve at least brought a sense of legitimacy to the Raiders. However, they weren’t winning the Super Bowl in 2020. Perhaps 2021 could’ve been a big year but it’s difficult to say. Regardless, the Raiders’ future is in a much better spot.

Carr is over a decade younger than Brady and Adams isn’t coming to Las Vegas if the quarterback isn’t on the team. Brady already retired once this offseason and his future is in question. It’s possible this is his last season playing football. Are three seasons of Brady worth mortgaging the future? It is for some teams but it wouldn’t have been for the Raiders.

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